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Now that cooler fall weather is upon us, I have been searching for warmer clothing for my daughter. Over the summer, she wore mostly onesies, dresses, and rompers that offered plenty of room for her fluffy bum. However, I have recently realized that finding pants, leggings, and tights that fit over her cloth diapers is a lot harder than finding bottoms that fit over trimmer disposables. Thus, when I discovered that Alva Baby offers baby leggings with extra room in the bum, I decided to buy a few pairs to try.

I personally am a huge fan of leggings and tights over jeans. Because I get to make her fashion choices for her, my daughter also usually wears leggings or tights rather than jeans. (In fact, she no longer owns any jeans that fit her. She outgrew her last pair this summer.) So, right before the cooler autumn weather arrived, I went on a search for pants that would fit over my daughter’s adorable cloth diapers and found the line of baby and toddler leggings from Alva Baby. Much t my delight, Alva Baby offers a wide assortment of colors and patterns of baby leggings. Although I could have bought her every single adorable pair, I settled on two styles. The first pair is pink with white hearts with “I ♥ Papa” on the bum; the second is white with pink hearts and “I ♥ Mama” on the bum.

Front of Alva Baby Leggings Back of Alva Baby Leggings

Alva Baby offers three sizes of baby leggings. The small fits 9 to 20 pounds or 3 to 12 months. The medium fits 19 to 23 pounds or 12 to 18 months. The large fits 21 to 28 pounds or 18 to 24 months. Since my daughter is already over 20 pounds, I decided to go with the largest size. Although still a little big on her at the moment in terms of length, the large size was a good bet. The legs bunch up at the bottom nicely, so the extra length is not a problem. And, on the brighter side, my daughter will be able to wear her leggings at least through the spring and hopefully into next fall.

The best part about my new baby leggings from Alva Baby is the extra material in the bum. Because my daughter wears cloth diapers, her bum is a bit bulkier than if I put her in disposable diapers. Thus, other tights made for her weight do not always fit up around her diaper. However, the Alva Baby leggings offer the perfect fit for babies with fluffy bums. The extra material fits perfectly around even the bulkiest cloth diaper. And I must say that seeing “I ♥ Papa” and “I ♥ Mama” peaking out from under one of my daughter’s dresses is absolutely adorable!


I ♥ Papa Alva Baby Leggings 1 I ♥ Papa Alva Baby Leggings 2

I also love that the Alva Baby leggings are footless tights. Because my daughter is on the verge of walking, she prefers to be barefoot to grip the world with her toes. These leggings provide the warmth of tights while allowing my daughter to continue to go barefoot.

Finally, I think that the quality of the baby leggings from Alva Baby is comparable to other tights that I could buy in stores locally. (In fact, I suspect that most of the tights that I buy including the Alva Baby leggings are made in the exact same factory in China.) I have thrown my daughter’s new leggings in the washer with her other clothes a few times and have yet to see any wear and tear. Plus, at only $3.69 a pair, I can afford to replace any of her leggings should she wear out the knees or any of the seams.

I ♥ Mama Alva Baby Leggings

Final Verdict: I am a big fan of my baby leggings from Alva Baby. Even though I bought the largest size, the extra length in the legs is not a problem and will actually allow my daughter to wear the same pair of footless tights for quite a few seasons. Most important, though, is that the extra material in the bum accommodates the extra bulk of my daughter’s cloth diapers. For $3.69 a pair, Alva Baby leggings are definitely affordable but are still good quality. If you are looking for leggings that fit over a fluffy bum, then I highly recommend the baby and toddler leggings from Alva Baby.

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Back of Alva Baby Leggings © 2012 Heather Johnson
I ♥ Papa Alva Baby Leggings 1 © 2012 Heather Johnson
I ♥ Papa Alva Baby Leggings 2 © 2012 Heather Johnson
I ♥ Mama Alva Baby Leggings © 2012 Heather Johnson

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