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    Aston Martin Builds Insanely Expensive Stroller, Thinks Suede Is a Good Baby Material

    Aston Martin Silver Cross Stroller

    The team at super car manufacturer Aston Martin has teamed up with British manufacturer Silver Cross to develop and market the $3,000 Silver Cross (Aston Martin Edition) super stroller.

    While most of us will never cough up, or perhaps save $3,000, to buy a stroller, the Aston Martin team believes its rich customers will jump at the chance to own the Silver Cross stroller.

    So what exactly does $3,000 buy? The stroller features “a winter footmuff with windproof performance fabrics, detachable baby carrier, sun shade and rain shield, and a folding, and detachable shopping basket.”

    The stroller has also been finished with Aston Martin’s well-referenced sued materials, an odd choice given the chances of a bottle or sippy cup spill. The Aston Martin stroller also features leather trim, aluminum-alloy wheels, and an air-ride suspension.

    While there is surely a market for yet another luxury item, I have to question the stroller’s ability to stand up to other options. My wife and I use a Jeep jogging stroller with our daughter, and it is both functional and rugged. Most importantly, our Jeep stroller does not feature stain-welcoming suede.

    Are you going to be spending $3,000 on the Silver Cross (Aston Martin Edition) super stroller?


    $3,000 Gets You Literally the Aston Martin of Strollers:

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    Aston Martin Silver Cross Stroller:

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