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  • The Right Seat

    Is Your Child in the Right Car Seat?

    Did you know that every 33 seconds a child under 13 is involved in a car crash in the United States? That fact probably is not the first thing you think about when you are hauling your kids to school, the grocery store, or anywhere else around town. And really, you should not have to […] More

  • Van's Soft Baked Whole Grain Granola Clusters

    Van’s Easy Mealtime Hacks

    Mealtimes can be hectic in The Parenting Patch house. Fortunately, a little planning and some quick hacks make preparing nutritious and delicious meals for my family a little easier! Hello from Van’s Foods! We know how busy life can be for Van’s foods fans. Between work, working out, parenting, driving, walking, riding, creating, days get […] More

  • Buckle Strappy Gladiator Heels

    Ten Ways Women Struggle in the Name of Fashion

    Some people think that fashion just comes easily to women, especially when many have this ability to wear a rag kind of apparel but still look hot anyway. Walking confidently in heels may seem like walking naturally, or perfect skin always seems hereditary. When it comes to fashion, there are ten ways women struggle just […] More

  • Woman Looking in Mirror

    Eight Ways to Look Fierce in a Flash

    “Just a sec” does not literally mean one second for a woman. When dressing up, she needs ample time for herself to look pretty. Whether you have the whole day preparing for your engagement party or just ten minutes to begin that presentation in front of the CEO of your company, get your women’s perfume […] More

  • Four Parenting Choices That Matter

    Four Parenting Choices That Matter

    As parents, we all want what is best for our children and what will help them grow up happy, healthy, and whole. Throughout parenting, we will be faced with choices on how to raise our children, and which strategies you use will ultimately determine how your child turns out. Make sure to consider safety as […] More

  • Five Natural Remedies to Cure Common Childhood Ailments

    Five Natural Remedies to Cure Common Childhood Ailments

    The flu, colic, croup, stomach bugs, ear infections — the list goes on and on. There are a variety of common childhood ailments, but there are also a variety of natural ways to cure them. Homeopathic Medications Homeopathic medicines are typically in the form of little pellets. They can also be found in liquid form. […] More

  • Five Steps to SAT Success

    Five Steps to SAT Success

    The SAT is a college admission test that lets colleges see what you know and how you can apply that knowledge. The test is composed of subjects that high school students learn about every day. These subjects include reading, writing, and mathematics. The appropriate time to take the test is during your junior and/or senior […] More