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    Baby Sign Language: Fingerspelling G, H, I

    Baby Sign Language: Fingerspelling G, H, I

    Using the sign language alphabet is a great way to teach young children the A-B-Cs. Teach your baby the signs for the letters g, h, and i in baby sign language fingerspelling with the following descriptions and videos. Use your dominant hand to form the signs.

    Baby sign language, baby sign, or baby signing is used by hearing parents with pre-verbal hearing children to improve communication. My baby signs are based on ASL (American Sign Language) signs. Baby signing is distinct from sign language.


    Hold the thumb and index finger parallel and apart. Point the thumb and index finger to the side. Rest the other three fingers on the palm.


    Point the index and middle fingers straight and held together. Hold the thumb parallel to the fingers. Rest the other two fingers on the palm.


    Hold the pinky finger straight up. Rest the other fingers and thumb on the palm.


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