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Baby Sign Language: Milk

Baby Sign Language: Milk

The word milk is the first sign that my husband and I started using with our daughter. At almost six months old, she is starting to associate the sign with the meaning. My second child also used the sign for the sign for the word milk a lot. He had a severe speech delay that was officially diagnosed when he was 2.5 years old. Through the use of baby sign language, he could communicate his needs with us. He specifically used the milk sign to ask to breastfeed starting around age 2.

Teach your baby the sign for the word milk in baby sign language with the following description and video. Use your dominant hand to form the signs.

Baby sign language, baby sign, or baby signing is used by hearing parents with pre-verbal hearing children to improve communication. My baby signs are based on ASL (American Sign Language) signs. Baby signing is distinct from sign language.


Hold the hand by the side of the mouth next to the cheek. Squeeze the fingers and thumb of the hand into a fist in the motion of milking a cow.


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