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Bathtub Safety: Using Faucet Covers

Skip Hop Ducky Bath Spout CoverI used to scoff at the idea of a bathtub faucet cover. I would just closely watch my children in the tub, right? Then I backed into the faucet while giving my dog a bath and cut my lower back so badly that I still have a scar. Then my great uncle banged his head on a faucet while picking up a bath mat and has never fully recovered. Then I watched my daughter move precariously close to the faucet while taking her baths. And so I decided that my bathroom needed some sort of bathtub faucet cover other than the hand towel that I wrapped around the faucet while my daughter was in the tub.

Recently during a trip to Babies”R”Us for a helmet for my daughter, my family and I were browsing through the rest of the store. In the bath aisle, I noticed a ducky bath spout cover from Skip Hop. My daughter loves rubber ducks (hence my Rubber Ducky Project series this year), so my eye was immediately drawn to the faucet cover. I pointed out the ducky bath spout cover, and my husband agreed with me that we had just found the perfect faucet cover for our bathtub.

The Skip Hop ducky bath spout cover is super easy to install. Just slip the cover over the faucet and secure with the adjustable wing. The easy-to-adjust wing secures and tightens on most spouts. My bathtub faucet is slightly bulky, but this duck fits on perfectly. A hole in the top of the duck allows for easy access to the shower diverter. The material is dishwasher safe and resistant to mold and mildew. The tail hook allows you to neatly hang the ducky bath spout cover when not in use. However, I leave the cover on my faucet at all times. I would rather back into the soft plastic of the cover than into the hard metal of the faucet ever again. Plus, I do not have to mess with putting the cover on and off when my daughter needs a bath.

Safety is no laughing matter, especially in the bathtub. With my new Skip Hop ducky bath spout cover, I no longer cringe every time my daughter gets too close to the faucet while in the bath. I also feel a little more secure when I bath the dogs. I just wish that I had found this faucet cover sooner! If you are in the market for a bathtub spout cover, I highly recommend Skip Hop.

Top of Skip Hop Ducky Bath Spout Cover Bottom of Skip Hop Ducky Bath Spout Cover

Do you use a faucet cover in your bathtub?

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Skip Hop Ducky Bath Spout Cover © 2013 Heather Johnson
Top of Skip Hop Ducky Bath Spout Cover © 2013 Heather Johnson
Bottom of Skip Hop Ducky Bath Spout Cover © 2013 Heather Johnson

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