‘Bear Says Thanks’ Book Review

'Bear Says Thanks' Book Review

As Bear sits alone in his cave listening to the wind, he finds himself feeling bored, bored, bored. He decides to throw a big feast for his friends but quickly discovers that his covers are bare. Then each of his friends show up, each with a different food to share. How will Bear say thanks?

Bear Says Thanks written by Karma Wilson with illustrations by Jane Chapman is another title in the series of books recommended for readers between the ages of 3 and 8 that features the loveable character Bear and his forest friends. At 40 pages long, however, the book still holds the attention of my toddler because of the adorable illustrations and sweet rhymes.

I absolutely adore the illustrations in Bear Says Thanks. Drawn in a realistic but whimsical style, the pictures are so fun to explore. My toddler daughter loves pointing out the different animals on each page.

In addition to the fun illustrations, I also love the rhyming text in Bear Says Thanks. Rhyme is extremely important for language development, so I appreciate any book that incorporates rhyme. Rhyme also helps hold the attention of the youngest readers such as my toddler daughter. Although the book is on the longer side, my daughter has no problem sitting still to listen to the story read aloud.

Cover of Bear Says Thanks Inside Pages of Bear Says Thanks

Final Verdict: Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson with illustrations by Jane Chapman is a sweet story featuring that lovable Bear to share with your young reader this Thanksgiving holiday. In addition to the fun rhyming text, I also adore the slightly whimsical illustrations. My daughter and I give Bear Says Thanks four enthusiastic thumbs up!

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