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Best Bottom Cloth Diapers Review

When my family and I went to the cloth diaper store for the first time back in March, we knew that we wanted to check out Best Bottom cloth diapers. James’ cousin had recommended this brand of cloth diapers to us. She uses Best Bottoms on her daughter and absolutely loves these cloth diapers. We ended up buying three diaper shells and twelve inserts. We bought the wild berry (light purple with dark purple trim), key lime pie (green with white trim), and pink giraffe (brown with pink giraffes and pink trim). We also bought six microfiber inserts and six hemp/cotton inserts. Other colors and patterns of shells are also available.

Best Bottom Diapers Shell

To prepare our Best Bottom diapers, I first washed all the shells and inserts in my washing machine. I began with a cold rinse, and then used the regular wash cycle with warm water and a tablespoon of Dreft laundry detergent. The shells should not go in the dryer, so I just hang the shells up to air dry on my drying rack. I dry the inserts on low heat for about ninety minutes. The shells take about the same amount of time to air dry. I use the same washing process for dirty diapers. Furthermore, although I prefer a free detergent, the Best Bottom diapers website indicates that Tide Original works just fine with this brand of cloth diapers.

My favorite part about Best Bottom diapers is that only the insert needs to be changed during diaper changes. After I adjusted the torso of the diaper to fit my daughter, I just snapped an insert in. I then put the diaper on my daughter and adjust the waist snaps. When the time comes to change a dirty diaper, I simply snap out the used insert and pop in a new one. For wet diapers, I do not have to do anything special with the shell. For poopy diapers, I either wipe the poop off of the shell with a wet wipe or just get a new shell depending on how dirty the diaper got. With just three shells and twelve inserts (plus one pocket diaper for overnight use), I have more than enough diapers to last throughout the day if I wash our cloth diapers daily.

Best Bottom Diapers Shell with Insert Best Bottom Cloth Diaper

For my daughter, we only need one insert per diaper change, which currently lasts between two and four hours. For heavier wetters, Best Bottom diapers also offer a doubler. Between the microfiber and the hemp/cotton inserts, I prefer the microfiber. The microfiber dries a little faster in my machine; sometimes I have to hang up the hemp/cotton to air dry a little longer. I also think that the microfiber is softer on the sensitive skin in my baby’s diaper area. However, the hemp/cotton inserts are extremely absorbent, and, for some reason, my daughter prefers to poop while wearing the hemp/cotton instead of the microfiber.

Because the inside of the Best Bottom diapers shell is a waterproof PUL, babies with extremely sensitive skin might have some problems with moisture being trapped. However, my daughter has not had any problems with the PUL being directly against her skin.

Another downside to Best Bottom diapers is that you need to buy three different sizes of inserts as your baby grows bigger. Because we started when my daughter was three months old, we went ahead and bought the medium size. The inserts also come in small and large. Once my daughter moves up a size, we will need to buy the large inserts, which is kind of a bummer. However, because you need fewer shells than with pocket diapers, the cost ends up being the same or less depending on how many inserts and shells you go through each day compared to pocket diapers and inserts.

As far as fit goes, I love how perfectly Best Bottom diapers fit my daughter. The snaps on the torso and the waist allow me to get the perfect fit for her size and shape. I also love how trimly this diaper fits my daughter. She can comfortable wear her regular jeans over her Best Bottom. The double gussets at the leg holes ensure a snug but comfortable fit and prevents leaks. In fact, I have had only a few diapers leak so far. All of these leaks were my fault; I went too long between diaper changes! Furthermore, I prefer snaps at the waist on my cloth diaper, but Best Bottom diapers also come with a hook and loop enclosure at the waist.

Front of Best Bottom Diapers Back of Best Bottom Diapers

The only other less than positive comment that I can make about my Best Bottom diapers is that I cannot use this brand on my daughter at night. She sleeps for about twelve hours at night without needing a diaper change. Because I am not about to wake a happily sleeping baby to change her diaper if I do not have to, I need extra absorbancy at night. For the average baby who needs his or her diaper change overnight, however, using a doubler or two at night will make Best Bottom diapers work for every hour of the day.

Final Verdict: I love my Best Bottom cloth diapers. I am so glad that my first experience with cloth was with Best Bottoms. My favorite feature if this diaper is that only the insert needs to be changed at every diaper change. With wet diapers, I simply pop the old insert out and pop a new one in. Even with dirty diapers, sometimes I only have to change the insert. I also love the fit, especially that this diaper is trim enough to fit under standard jeans. So, if you are considering switching to cloth diapers, I highly recommend that you start with Best Bottom diapers.

For more information about Best Bottom diapers, visit the company website. You can also follow Best Bottom diapers on Facebook and Twitter.

To purchase Best Bottom Diapers, please use my affiliate link to Nicki’s Diapers.

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