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Best Bottom Diapers Review

Best Bottom Diapers

Anyone who reads The Parenting Patch knows that I am a huge fan of Best Bottom Diapers. In fact, I recently sold most of the other cloth diapers in my stash to focus almost exclusively on Best Bottoms. As of this writing, I own the blue giraffe, blue moon, cookie monster, hoot, huckleberry cobbler, jack o’ lantern, key lime pie, mint chocolate chip, moo-licious, orange sherbet, pink giraffe, plum pie, strawberry shortcake, very cherry, and wild berry shells. The hedgehog shell that I ordered is on the way. Over the next couple of months, I plan to add the chunky monkey, cookies n cream, double chocolate, green giraffe, and vanilla shells to my collection.

Front of Moo-licious Best Bottom Diaper Inside of Best Bottom Diaper

Best Bottom Diapers are a one-size cloth diaper system that fit babies from birth to thirty-five pounds and beyond. Each Best Bottom shell features a single row of eleven hip snaps and four rows of three torso snaps. The hip snaps offer two snaps for extra security. Additionally, Best Bottom also offers extender tabs that allows the shells to be used on toddlers up to fifty pounds or larger. In other words, Best Bottoms really are a cloth diaper system that grow with a child from birth through potty training.

Best Bottom Insert Snaps Insert in Best Bottom Diaper

My favorite part about Best Bottom cloth diapers is that only the insert needs to be changed at every diaper change. Best Bottom recommends three inserts per shell. However, I have used just one shell for almost an entire day with my daughter depending on how frequently I change her diaper. Unlike many other brands of cloth diapers that use a reusable cover and insert, Best Bottom inserts snap into the shell. Before deciding primarily to go with Best Bottoms, I tried Flip covers with Flip inserts. I absolutely hated the one-size insert that just laid inside the cover. With an active baby who is always on the go, an insert that snaps securely into place makes diaper changes easier and ensures that the insert does not wiggle out of the cover. In other words, I adore the snap-in inserts of my Best Bottom diapers.

In terms of insert material, I personally prefer the Stay Dry inserts over the organic hemp/cotton inserts. The Stay Dry truly does keep my daughter feeling drier for longer. I like the hemp/cotton okay, but, for my daughter, I feel that the Stay Dry just works better. I did buy six hemp/cotton inserts in the medium size when I first started out with cloth diapers. However, when I needed to buy the large size, I stuck solely to the Stay Dry. Additionally, as I have added a doubler and three overnight inserts to my Best Bottom collection, I have purchased only the microfiber, not the hemp/cotton.

Trimness of Best Bottom Diaper with Insert Double Leg Gussets of Best Bottom Diaper

In addition to the snap-in inserts, I also love the double leg gussets on my Best Bottom diapers. The combination of the inserts that stay firmly in place with the double gussets mean that Best Bottom cloth diapers hold in poopy messes way better than other brands of diapers. My daughter was sick recently, dirtying her diaper four to five times a day with very wet poop. Not even once did any of the yucky mess escape from the diaper. And, as long as the poop was not too big or too messy, I could change just the insert and reuse the shell.

Best Bottom shells are regularly priced at $16.95 each. Stay Dry inserts are priced at just $3.95 each. Best Bottom recommends three inserts for each shell. The inserts come in small, medium, and large sizes. I personally love the sized inserts. I have tried one-size inserts in the past but did not like the results. The Flip inserts that I tried bunched up inside the diaper and would not stay folded in the desired size. Although the sized inserts necessary for Best Bottom cloth diapers mean purchasing more inserts as a baby grows, I am more than happy to spend just $3.95 per insert. My daughter is now in the large size, and I own about twenty large inserts. In other words, I spent just about $80 on the inserts, which is incredibly reasonable when compared to the cost of disposable diapers, pocket cloth diapers, and even other similar two-in-one cloth diapers like Flip.

Front of Best Bottom on Poppy Leg of Best Bottom on Poppy

Furthermore, if I had started out with cloth diapers on my daughter from birth (I started at about three months), I could have bought a complete Best Bottom Diapers package from Nicki’s Diapers for a discounted price. The Complete Package comes with nine shells, eighteen inserts in each size, and three overnight inserts in each size. The price for the package deal is just $409.95 for Stay Dry inserts. For organic cotton and hemp inserts, the price increases to just $538.20. In other words, Best Bottoms are significantly less expensive than disposable diapers (which run about $2,000 from birth to potty training) and even less expensive than other brands and styles of cloth diapers.

Finally, I am able to use my Best Bottom diapers on my daughter at night. For a baby who sleeps about eight to nine hours straight or who needs a diaper change in the middle of the night, a regular Stay Dry insert combined with an overnight insert will do the trick just fine. With my daughter, however, because she sleeps about twelve hours straight through without needing a diaper change, I also add a minky FuzziBunz insert to the mix for a little extra absorbency. I can also use a Best Bottom doubler in addition to the overnight insert. Regardless, despite my hesitancy to use Best Bottoms overnight at first, I now solely rely on a combination of Best Bottom inserts for my daughter at bedtime.

Final Verdict: Best Bottoms are basically the only cloth diaper that I use in my house anymore. My favorite feature of Best Bottom Diapers is that only the insert needs to be changed at every diaper change. The shell is reusable as long as not soaked or dirty. With wet diapers, I simply pop the old insert out and pop a new one in. Even with poopy diapers, sometimes I have to change only the insert. I also love the double leg gussets that help hold messes in. Finally, I really love the sized inserts that snap into place. And, of course, I love the price, which is very reasonable for a high quality cloth diaper system. If you are considering using cloth diapers, I highly recommend that you start with Best Bottom diapers.

To purchase Best Bottom Diapers, please use my affiliate link to Nicki’s Diapers.

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