BIC Soleil Savvy Razor Review

As part of a recent BzzAgent campaign, I recently received a BIC Soleil Savvy razor to review. Now that the warm weather of summer is upon us, I find myself needing to shave more often than in the winter. I prefer a disposable razor that I can just throw away after a few uses, and I have tried a number of different brands and types in the past. BIC is one of my favorite disposable razors, so I was super excited to try the BIC Soleil Savvy.

BIC Soleil Savvy Disposable Razor Package

BIC Soleil Savvy is an innovative razor that combines the convenience and priced-to-please savings of a disposable with the premium shave performance of a refillable cartridge system. I have never used a cartridge razor before, but, as soon as I opened my BIC Soleil Savvy and put a new blade on the handle, I was hooked. Snapping the blade cartridge on was so easy. Plus, each cartridge comes with a plastic cover, so I did not have to worry about slicing my fingers up with the blades.

When I first used my BIC Soleil Savvy razor, I noticed the high quality right away. With past disposable razors, I usually have to go over my legs at least twice to make sure that I removed all of the hair. However, with the BIC Soleil Savvy, my skin was completely smooth after just one swipe. Fewer swipes per shave means that the blades will last longer.

BIC Soleil Savvy Razor on Tub

Upon first using my BIC Soleil Savvy razor, I was also incredibly pleased with the lubricating strip with vitamin E. I never use shaving lotion, depending solely on the water in my shower an the lubricating strips on my razors. I could immediately tell that the lubricating strip on my BIC Soleil Savvy was higher quality than some of my other disposable razors. My skin immediately felt softer and smoother. I also did not have any problems with razor burn.

The BIC Soleil Savvy razor is also great for shaving underarms. The head of the razor pivots to fit the contours of my body. As a small woman, I have small arm pits. Some larger razors in the past have made shaving under my arms a little more difficult. However, the BIC Soleil Savvy was a perfect fit. Plus, the lubricating strip seems to have helped keep the delicate skin under my arms from getting red like usual.

Final Verdict: I am totally hooked on my new BIC Soleil Savvy disposable razor. In fact, after trying my new BIC Soleil Savvy for a few nights, I ended up going out and buying a second one just to have on hand. However, with four blade cartridges per package, I will not need to open my second razor for a while. So, if you are looking for a smooth shave at a reasonable price, I highly recommend the BIC Soleil Savvy.

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