‘Big Snow’ Book Review

'Big Snow' Book Review

David wants snow. As he helps his mother with chores around the house, he keeps thinking of snow. Every time he checks outside, he finds a few more white flakes falling from the sky. But David wants a really big snow! Will he get his wish as he continues to find himself underfoot his mother as he helps her out around the house?

Big Snow by Jonathan Bean is a fun wintertime story that offers a lot of great talking point. First, and most obviously, is the snow. As a lover of big snows, I appreciate David’s desire for a really big snow. Second, although David wants to help out with chores, he keeps getting distracted and makes a mess. As the mother of a toddler who likes to “help” around the house. I completely empathize with David’s mother. Finally, while David gets underfoot, he keeps imagining big snows, making Big Snow a great book to spark some creative thinking.

Recommended for readers between the ages of 3 and 6 years old, my two-year-old toddler also enjoyed reading Big Snow. She loves snow and really enjoyed hearing a story about a little boy who also loves big snows. I even read the book to her on a day when our own weather was extremely snowy. She loved pointing outside at her own “big snow.”

I really love the illustrations in Big Snow. I particularly love the two-page illustrations of the town that slowly fill up with snow. My daughter also enjoyed pointing out the cat that shows up throughout the story.

Cover of Big Snow Inside Pages of Big Snow

Final Verdict: If you are looking for a fun seasonal read to share with your child this winter, I highly recommend Big Snow by Jonathan Bean. The story is absolutely darling and is perfect for any kid who wishes for a big snow. I also love the illustrations, especially the two-page pictures of the town being slowly covered in white. My daughter and I give Big Snow four enthusiastic thumbs up!

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