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  • St. Patrick's Day Craft Roundup

    St. Patrick’s Day Craft Roundup

    St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! My kiddos and I love making crafts for every holiday of the year. Shamrocks, rainbows, and green are perfect for hanging around the house from mid-February until March 17. What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with children than with some simple but festive crafts through […] More

  • Implantation Bleeding: A Positive Sign of Pregnancy

    Implantation Bleeding: A Positive Sign of Pregnancy

    When a woman or birthing parent is hoping for a positive pregnancy test, any amount of spotting or bleeding may cause her to feel disappointment or concern. After all, pregnancy means the cessation of menstrual periods. However, for some women and people with uteruses, bleeding that occurs early in pregnancy as a result of implantation […] More

  • Sea Otter at the New Orleans Aquarium: Wordless Wednesday

    Sea Otter at the New Orleans Aquarium: Wordless Wednesday

    The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans is a captivating and vibrant destination that showcases the wonders of the aquatic world. I took my oldest daughter to the aquarium back in 2013 when she was a toddler. Nestled in the heart of the historic French Quarter, this renowned aquarium offers a remarkable experience […] More

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    Tips for Cutting Back Overgrown Bushes and Shrubs

    Bushes and shrubs are woody plants that are distinguished from trees and other plants by their multiple stems and shorter full-grown height. Bushes are also perennial, which refers to any plant that lives for more than two years. The terms bush and shrub refer to many types of plants including butterfly bushes, burning bushes, evergreen […] More

  • Preventing Hot Car Deaths

    Preventing Hot Car Deaths

    Hot car deaths are completely preventable. According to, a tragic total of 939 children have died from heat-related deaths after being left or trapped inside vehicles between 1998 and September 2021 (27 in 2021, 24 in 2020, 52 in 2019, 53 in 2018, 43 in 2017). On average, 39 children die in heat-related vehicle […] More

  • Alphabet Handprint-Footprint Crafts

    Alphabet Handprint-Footprint Crafts

    Is your young child learning about the alphabet? Learning the letters of the alphabet, which provides the foundation for understanding written language, is an important first step for young children when beginning to learn to read. Before learning the graphemes that spell sounds, children need to know the names of the letters. Activities such as […] More

  • Does Microwaving 'Kill' Nutrients in Food?

    Does Microwaving ‘Kill’ Nutrients in Food?

    Whenever I share my baby food recipes in which I use my microwave to cook various fruits and vegetables to tenderness, I typically receive negative comments about the effects of microwaving on food. Although every American household owns a microwave, and microwaving has been a cooking practice for decades now. But does microwaving kill nutrients […] More

  • Earth Day Paper Plate Earth Collage Craft

    Earth Day Paper Plate Earth Collage Craft

    Earth Day is a worldwide celebration held annually on April 22 to garner support for environmental protection. This year, as humanity continues to navigate the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, taking a moment to reflect on our impact on the planet is more important than ever. One simple way to celebrate Earth Day with […] More

  • Technology Distracts Children from Reading and Conversation

    Technology Distracts Children from Reading and Conversation

    Reading and conversation are crucial for language development in children. Technology has also become a near-ubiquitous part of modern life. Unfortunately, a poll from 2018 released by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and Read Aloud 15 MINUTES showed that more than one-third of parents report that popular technology use by their children routinely takes away […] More

  • F Is for Flamingo Handprint Craft

    F Is for Flamingo Handprint Craft

    F is for flamingo! As a parent or caregiver, introducing the alphabet to your toddler can be a fun and exciting experience. Not only does teaching letters help your kiddo learn the basics of reading and writing, but learning the alphabet also promotes language development and creativity. One way to make the learning process more […] More

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