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    How to Care for Cloth Menstrual Pads

    Pink Lemonade Mama ClothBefore I made the switch to cloth diapers, my biggest concern was the laundry. However, once I started using cloth and figured out a laundry routine that worked for me, I learned that washing cloth diapers is just as easy (if not easier) than throwing out disposables. The same is true for mama cloth reusable menstrual pads.

    I personally store my clean mama cloth in the cabinet above my toilet in my bathroom. I keep my mama cloth wet bag on a hook on the wall next to the toilet. (I tried to keep the bag in the cabinet between periods, but my toddler daughter insisted that the “mama bag” stay hung up all the time.) During my period, I place my dirty mama cloth in the wet bag between washes. Although some women do, I never rinse my soiled mama cloth. I just toss the used pads in the wet bag until laundry day.

    Because my daughter still wears diapers, I wash my mama cloth along with my cloth diapers. I currently wash on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My cloth laundry routine is as follows: (1) warm wash on heavy load with 2 to 4 tablespoons of Rockin’ Green Classic Rock laundry detergent, (2) cold rinse, and (3) machine dry my mama cloth along with my cloth diaper inserts. Once dry, my clean mama cloth goes back in the cabinet in my bathroom.

    The amount of Rockin’ Green that I use depends on the size of each load. For smaller loads, I often throw in a few towels for extra agitation and cleaning power. I personally prefer Rockin’ Green Classic Rock, which works well with my water. The type of detergent that you use will depend on your water (hard, normal, soft) and your personal preference. Any cloth diaper-safe detergent should work just as well on your mama cloth.

    Compared to heading out to the store each month for new disposable pads, caring for reusable mama cloth during that time of the month is incredibly easy. Additionally, the cost savings is amazing. The mama cloth that I have purchased from Pink Lemonade Shop will last me for years. No more throwing money in the garbage each month! If you have been thinking about switching to mama cloth but were wary of the care required, know that washing reusable menstrual pads requires no extra care than cloth diapers.

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