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    ‘Cat Secrets’ Book Review

    Cat Secrets CoverMy cat Princess can be quite the mischievous little creature. Sometimes I feel like she sneaks around our house with evil little cat secrets on her mind. She is obsessed with the toilet. She also tries desperately to sneak down into our basement and onto our kitchen cabinets. Goodness knows where she goes and what she does when we leave the house and only Espen is there to keep an eye on her!

    The mischievousness of my cat immediately drew me to the book Cat Secrets by Jef Czekaj. Right on the cover is an orange cat whispering, “Shhh!” I absolutely can see my cat telling all the other cats in the world to shush up about the world of cat secrets.

    The entire story focuses on a cat who is trying to stop anyone who is not a cat from reading the book of cat secrets. In the end, however, all the cats in the story end up taking cat naps. As a result of falling asleep, their plan to keep their cat secrets to themselves is thwarted. Can you guess by whom?

    Final Verdict: Cat Secrets is a silly book that both kids who love cats and kids who prefer other animals alike will enjoy. Readers with pet cats will especially enjoy this imaginative tale!

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