Cherish Your Memories with Picture Keeper Connect

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Cherish Your Memories with Picture Keeper Connect

If you are anything like me, you take tons of photos on your phone. In fact, I have taken most of the pictures that I have of my kids with my smartphone. I print out photo books every so often and try to remember to back up my photos on to my computer occasionally. I also back up my computer once in a while, but I know that I could lose all my digital pictures in an instant.

With Picture Keeper, you never have to worry about losing your precious memories again. Created by Simplified IT Products founder and CEO Matt Stanchie after a close friend lost all of her pictures on her computer during a lightning storm, Picture Keeper Connect provides a simple, foolproof way to store and protect digital images and videos. The USB drive with built-in software searches and copies all the digital files from a computer or other compatible devices onto itself. Simply plug the drive into your device and click “Start Backup.” Picture Keeper takes the hassle out of backing up digital files by doing the work for you while skipping duplicates! I am all about any backup system that makes securing my files easy!

Cherish Your Memories with Picture Keeper Connect 1

Picture Keeper is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones as well as Mac and PC computers. Unlike external or cloud-based storage options, Picture Keeper Connect stores your images safely without the use of WiFi or data. A picture is worth a thousand words, so save your priceless photos anytime anywhere. Even in an emergency, simply plug the USB drive into any phone or smart device for instant access to stored contacts and important phone numbers. Plus, because your files are not stored online, you maintain complete control of your photos! I sometimes worry about backing up files online, so I love that Picture Keeper Connect is an offline USB device.

Using Picture Keeper not only keeps your digital photos and videos safe and secure. You can also craft custom gifts and prints with your photos directly from the drive using the app. Easily get creative and add a personal touch to gifts for birthdays, graduations, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and more. Enjoy every minute of life and keep all those precious memories safe with the easy-to-use and stress-free Picture Keeper Connect!

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For more information, visit the Picture Keeper website or follow Picture Keeper on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use coupon code PARENTINGPATCH to save 40% your purchase at the Picture Keeper website. Picture Keeper Connect starts at $119.99 for 16 GB.

Also enter the Picture Keeper Back-to-School Giveaway for your chance to win a $300 shopping spree!

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