Cloth Diaper Mishaps: The Time Daddy Forget the Insert

Best Bottom Shell and Stay Dry InsertDo you know what happens when you forget to put the insert inside your cloth diaper cover? I unfortunately found out last week after an evening at work when I ended up covered in pee in the middle of my dining room.

My husband has always been awesome about changing diapers. He was even onboard with switching to cloth when our daughter was around three months old. Never has he had a problem with our cloth diapers. Not until one evening last week.

When I am at work, my husband is the primary caregiver for our daughter. He usually changes her diaper right before I get home. Like always, he changed her diaper right before I arrived last Tuesday night. Except he somehow forgot to put the insert inside the Best Bottom shell.

For about a half an hour, my daughter and I were hanging out in our carpeted living room and sitting on our fabric-covered couch. At a little after 9:00 PM, I decided to go into the dining room with a tile floor. I sat down at my computer at the desk. My daughter walked up to me and asked to sit on my lap. As I lifted her up, I suddenly found us both covered in liquid.

At first I thought that I had picked my daughter up funny and had caused her diaper to leak. I wiped up the chair and floor a bit and then took my daughter to her nursery to change her diaper. At that point, I discovered the missing insert inside the diaper. No wonder she and I were both covered in pee!

Still soaked, I carried my daughter back into the dining room to clean up the rest of the mess. I called my husband and told him what he had done. He maintains that he had an insert in his hand but cannot figure out how he forget to put the insert inside the diaper.

My daughter and I then showered because we were both soaked in pee. Fortunately for my husband, I had decided to go into the tiled dining room. Otherwise, he would have been scrubbing toddler pee out of the carpet and off the couch in the living room because of his cloth diaper mishap!

What has been your biggest diapering mishap?

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