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    The walls of my house are adorned with photographs of my family and especially of my beautiful daughter. Thus, when recently approached me about reviewing a 20×30 collage poster, I jumped at the opportunity.

    Making a photo collage at is incredibly easy. I started by creating an account on the website. I then selected the type of photo project that I wanted to create, in my case, a collage poster. I next uploaded the photos from my computer that I wanted to include in the collage. I then played around with different background colors, collage shapes, alignments and borders, and other customizable options. I ultimately created a portrait rectangle collage with a purple background. I also customized the top of the poster with my daughter’s name (which I omitted from the image). Screenshot 1

    As far as designing the collage poster, I found the process quite simple. The only problem that I encountered was trying to get all the photos that I wanted to include to fit on the collage. Because my daughter loves ducks, I originally wanted to make the ducky collage. However, the collage software did not take into consideration the shape of the image. The photos around the edge of the collage got cut off. Because I wanted all the photos visible, I ultimately settled on the rectangle shape. My suggestion to is to redesign the software to not cut off the photos around the edges of the collage. Screenshot 2

    Other than the collage shape issue, I am absolutely thrilled with my collage poster. I purple background that I chose perfectly borders the photos in the collage. My daughter’s name beautifully stands out in green as the title of the poster. The poster paper is very high quality. I am planning on buying a poster frame to protect and display the beautiful photo collage of my daughter. Screenshot 3

    The 20×30 collage poster that I created at costs $29.99 plus $5.99 shipping and handling for a total of $35.98. Similar collage posters of the same size cost about the same from other online printers. My poster arrived in just a few days after I placed my order. Screenshot 4

    Final Verdict: I am thrilled with the collage poster of my daughter that I created at I cannot wait to get a poster frame so that I can safely display the poster in my home. The poster paper is extremely high quality, and the printing is professional photo printing. I will definitely keep in mind for future photo projects. If you want to make a collage poster or another customized photo item such as cards, blankets, mugs, or shower curtains, then I highly recommend that you check out

    For more information or to make a purchase, visit the website. You can also follow via Facebook. often offers sales promotions on Facebook.

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