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    Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Addict: My Stash Is Big Enough…But So What?!

    I can admit that I am a cloth diaper addict. My cloth diaper stash consists of twenty-nine pocket diapers, almost enough inserts for two per pocket diaper, seven Best Bottom shells, and twenty-two Best Bottom inserts. Of my pocket diapers, I particularly love the FuzziBunz, Sunbaby, and Alva Baby diapers. I also own a Happy Heinys, Blueberry, Glow Bug, DinkleDooz, Baby Babü, Awesome Blossom, and Thirsties Duo. My favorite diapers by far, however, are my Best Bottoms. I could live without my other pocket diapers during the day (night is a different story), but I must have my Best Bottom diapers during the day.

    Pocket Diapers Cloth Diaper Stash Overnight Nighttime Pocket Diapers

    Although I love buying cloth diapers for my daughter, I must now also admit that I have more than enough diapers to keep her butt dry while washing her dirty diapers only every three days. When my daughter and I went on vacation at the beginning of August, I brought along my entire cloth diaper stash (minus six of the Sunbaby diapers that had not arrived yet). For the six day trip, I washed diapers once but still used only half of a my stash. Clearly my stash is big enough.

    Sunbaby Diapers

    With that said, however, I am not about to stop buying cloth diapers altogether. I recently purchased the blue with brown trim Cookie Monster shell from Best Bottom. My daughter loves Sesame Street, so I of course had to buy her the Cookie Monster diaper. (Dear Best Bottom, please come out with an Elmo diaper. Much obliged, Poppy.) I also recently purchased a pink monkey pocket diaper from Alva Baby that I am still waiting to receive as well as an orange with black cats print pocket diaper from Sunbaby for Halloween. My pocket diaper count is therefore technically thirty-one.

    Best Bottom Cloth Diapers

    No, my stash may be big enough, but so what. When I can buy an adorable pocket diaper from Sunbaby or Alva Baby for under $10, then I can justify using a little of my fun money to buy my daughter another new cloth diaper every now and again. And Best Bottoms are just so spectacular that I also do not feel bad for buying a cute new print every once in a while. Yes, my cloth diaper stash is big enough. Yes, I will slow down on buying anymore new diapers. But, no, I will not stop buying cloth diapers altogether.

    Will you ever stop buying cloth diapers for your stash?

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