Coupons for Good: Six Name Brands Investing in the Futures of Children

Coupons for Good: Six Name Brands Investing in the Futures of Children

Loving your own little ones can soften your heart toward all the children of the world. Motherhood makes you aware of how vulnerable each child is, and it often makes you want to reach out to everyone in need. You can get closer to this goal by spending your dollars with responsible companies that use their profits to sponsor children’s charities. Here are some brands you can feel good about supporting.


This retail giant is committed to improving access to after-school programs for children in need through its Afterschool Fund. These programs help to keep kids safe and promote their academic, physical, and social growth. What’s more, when you shop online using the coupons at Goodshop, JCPenney will give 1.5 percent of your purchase to the charity you choose. You can also watch for discounts on the JCPenney Coupons For Good Facebook page.


Reebok also offers a page of coupons at Goodshop, and the company donates a generous six percent of every purchase through those links to your charity of choice. There is a Reebok Coupons For Good Facebook Page as well. The company is committed to children’s fitness and donates millions of dollars to BOKS, a before-school program that offers physical activities at over 1,000 schools nationwide. Studies have shown that exercise before school can dramatically impact students’ performance and behavior.


The Pediped shoe company offers a three-step footwear system for little walkers and comfortable, sturdy shoes for kids of all ages. Pediped also partners with the Make-A-Wish foundation to bring hope and joy to children with terminal illnesses. Since 2008, Pediped has raised more than $445,000 for children’s wishes through its annual fundraisers.


Kids grow quickly and often leave behind a closet full of clothing that they’ve barely worn. Swapping those like-new and brand-name items for something they can wear next year makes perfect sense. As the largest consignment store and thrift store online, thredUP does just that. ThredUP also donates $1 for every kids’ clothing swap to an initiative called Cradles to Crayons, which helps kids get the school supplies they need to succeed in their classes.


Tom’s is one of the best-known brands to integrate charity into its business plan. The company offers one-for-one giving, so every pair of shoes you buy sends a matching gift to someone in need. Tom’s started out giving away only shoes, but now the program has expanded to include improved access to clean drinking water, safe childbirth, and vision services as well as bullying prevention programs.


The Amazon Smile program lets you choose a specific charity to receive a donation every time you check out at Once you’ve chosen your charity, bookmark your Amazon Smile link, and use it every time you shop.

If you want to donate to charity but need to spend every dollar on items for your own family, this kind of outreach makes a lot of sense. Spend your money with socially responsible companies to send the message that charity matters to consumers, and you may help shape corporations’ behavior in the future.

Ashley Carter is a full-time student writing her way through college. When she’s not writing, she enjoys hiking and any other outdoor activity imaginable.

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