DinkleDooz Cloth Diaper Review

Have you heard of DinkleDooz cloth diapers? I recently received a pretty pink DinkleDooz cloth diaper to review. DinkleDooz OS pocket diapers fit babies as small as eight pounds on up to babies as big as thirty-give pounds. In other words, this cloth diaper will fit your baby from birth through potty training. Each DinkleDooz shell comes with two rows of three torso snaps to adjust the height and three hip snaps to adjust the width including two extra crossover snaps for an extra small fit.

DinkleDooz Cloth Diaper

My first impression of the DinkleDooz cloth diaper is that the color is cute. The pink is soft and feminine and looks absolutely adorable on my daughter. In addition to the pink, DinkleDooz also currently offers six other colors: orange with yellow snaps, red, blue, green, white, and chocolate (brown) with red snaps.

When I received my DinkleDooz, I started by prepping the diaper with a pre-washing. I rinsed the diaper and insert in a cold water rinse in my washing machine. Then I used warm water and a tablespoon of Dreft laundry detergent in a regular wash cycle. I then threw the clean diaper shell and insert in the dryer for ninety minutes on low heat. I have been pleased with the way in which my DinkleDooz holds up with each subsequent wash cycle. The material is tough, standing up to regular wear and tear, but also soft on my daughter’s skin.

I am also very pleased with the quality of the materials used in DinkleDooz cloth diapers. The outer layer of the diaper shell is a particularly supple PUL material that is extremely soft. Unlike some other brands of cloth diapers, my DinkleDooz shell is soft to my touch and does not have a plasticky feeling. The inner layer of the shell is a super soft micro-fleece that is so soft and gentle against my daughter’s skin. Finally, the inserts consist of the softest microfiber material, which is both soft and absorbent. All of the materials are soft but durable. However, I do have to admit that my favorite feature is the softness of the material on the outer layer!

My DinkleDooz cloth diaper is a pocket diaper with one opening at the back. I love that the pocket opening is super wide, which makes stuffing in the insert (or inserts) extremely easy. With some of my other pocket diapers, I have to navigate a small opening that sometimes makes stuffing in the insert difficult. Not with my DinkleDooz! Pulling out a dirty insert is just as easy. Additionally, DinkleDooz include a “Flap-Back” retention system, which is a tuck of fabric that keeps the insert from rising out the back. I love the Flap-Back! My daughter is not very mobile yet, but I know that this feature will come in handy once she is running and tumbling around on her own. I also like that the extra flap keeps moisture from wicking onto my daughter’s clothing. The Flap-Back is definitely one of my favorite features of my DinkleDooz cloth diaper.


Pocket Opening on DinkleDooz

As for fit, I love all the snaps on my DinkleDooz diaper. With the two rows of three torso snaps and the three hip snaps, I am able to get this cloth diaper to the perfect fit for my daughter’s unique size and shape. I especially like the extra crossover snaps at the hips. Although I started cloth diapering when my daughter was three and a half months old, the extra cross over snaps would have allowed me to fit this diaper snuggly around my newborn daughter’s tiny waist.

Torso Snaps on DinkleDooz Hip Snaps on DinkleDooz


In addition to the snaps, I also really love the elastic around the leg holes of my DinkleDooz diaper. The stretchy soft elastic helps keep the plush micro-fleece inner layer of the diaper contoured against my daughter’s body. I have yet to have any problems with leaks even at night. My daughter goes for up to twelve hours during the night without a diaper change. (I am not about to wake a sleeping baby to change a wet diaper that is not bothering her!) When I stuffed my DinkleDooz shell with a microfiber insert and two bamboo inserts, the diaper lasted the entire twelve hours without leaking. Furthermore, the soft micro-fleece wicked moisture away from my daughter’s skin and kept her feeling dry. My DinkleDooz is now in rotation with my other nighttime diapers.

DinkleDooz cloth diapers are also great for breast milk poop. My daughter is currently exclusively breast fed, so her dirty diapers are rather wet and have the consistency of peanut butter. I have yet to have a problem with poop escaping from this diaper. Plus, when I throw the dirty diaper in the wash, the poop comes right out without any problem. I am sure that this diaper will continue to perform well as my daughter grows up and her dirty diapers change in frequency and consistency.

The only negative comment that I can make about my DinkleDooz cloth diaper is that I wish that the leg openings contained a double gusset. In my experience, double leg gussets tend to work a little better on my daughter’s body. However, the elasto-fit around the legs makes up for the lack of a double gusset. And, really, the lack of a double leg gusset is such a minor point that I almost forgot to mention it.

Front of DinkleDooz Cloth Diaper Back of DinkleDooz Cloth Diaper
Final Verdict: I love my DinkleDooz diaper! Of all my cloth diapers, only my DinkleDooz and one other diaper have made the cut for nighttime use. I also really love the Flap-Back, which keeps the insert in place and prevents wicking. Finally, my absolute favorite feature is the softness of the outer layer of the shell. If you are in the market for a OS pocket diaper, I highly recommend DinkleDooz.

For more information or to purchase cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories, visit the DinkleDooz website. You can also follow DinkleDooz on Facebook and Twitter.

DinkleDooz Cloth Diaper Colors

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