‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ Book Review

Cover of Duck, Duck, GooseDuck, Duck, Goose is the second title in the Duck & Goose series by Tad Hills. Joining the original characters Duck and Goose is another little duck named Thistle. Thistle is good at everything. She is fast, she can add, and she can stand on her head. Duck is very impressed by Thistle, but Goose quickly becomes annoyed. Will Duck and Goose remain friends with Thistle around? Only a race to see who can fall asleep the fastest can save the day.

Recommended for kids between the ages of 3 and 7, Duck, Duck, Goose is another fabulous story by Tad Hills. Even my toddler daughter loves when I read this story aloud to her. The antics that Thistle causes are humorous, and most kids can relate to Goose when he grows tired of her showboating. Who has not known someone who shows off all the time? Duck, Duck, Goose is a fun and relatable read for young readers from toddlers and preschooler through early elementary school students.

In addition to the story, I also love the illustrations in Duck, Duck, Goose. Like the other books in the series, the illustrations in this book bring the story to life through slightly whimsical pictures. Some illustrations fill the entire page while others take up a small part. I personally love pouring over the small details in each picture. My toddler daughter loves pointing out the ducks (and geese) throughout the story. She also loved the surprise appearance of the ball from the Duck & Goose book.

Inside Pages of Duck, Duck, Goose 1 Inside Pages of Duck, Duck, Goose 2

Final Verdict: Duck, Duck, Goose by Tad Hills is another fabulous win for the Duck & Goose Series. I have yet to grow tired of the story and even bought my daughter her own copy for her second birthday a few weeks ago. The language that tells the story is perfect for early readers. Additionally, the story is very relatable. Everyone knows that one kid who always shows off. My daughter and I give Duck, Duck, Goose four enthusiastic thumbs up.

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