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Cover of Duck & GooseMy daughter loves ducks. Last summer I checked out a bunch of duck books from my library to read with her during our toddler summer reading program. At that time, I discovered a series of books that she and I both love: the Duck & Goose books by Tad Hills.

Duck & Goose is the first book in the Duck & Goose series. The story begins with a duck and a goose finding a colorful egg. Throughout the book, Duck and Goose fight with each other over caring for the egg. Duck insists that the egg belongs to him. Goose insists that the egg belongs to him. By the end, however, Duck and Goose become best friends after discovering that their egg is not quite what either thought.

My daughter and I both loved the story in Duck & Goose. Although a bit long for a younger toddler, preschoolers and early readers will both enjoy the story. As a mother who finds herself reading favorite stories again and again, I must say that I have not grown tired of this title. My husband and I ever bought a copy for our daughter for her birthday. Plus, Duck & Goose is a great introduction to the characters who show up in the rest of the books of the series.

I also love the illustration style of the Duck & Goose books including Duck & Goose. Duck and Goose are both adorably drawn. (My husband and I also bought our daughter the plush Duck and Goose for her birthday.) The rest of the illustrations are whimsical and absolutely bring the story to life. My daughter particularly loves pointing out the ball-shaped egg on each page.

Inside Pages of Duck & Goose 1 Inside Pages of Duck & Goose 2

Final Verdict: Duck & Goose by Tad Hills is a perfect book for preschoolers and early readers. Slightly longer in length, this book is also great for parents to read aloud to toddlers. The story is fairly simple but never boring. I also personally love the illustration style of the Duck & Goose books. If you are looking for a fun book to read with your child, I cannot recommend Duck & Goose by Tad Hills enough! My daughter and I give this book four enthusiastic thumbs up.


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