‘Duck & Goose Colors’ Book Review

'Duck & Goose Colors' Book Review

My preschooler daughter knows her colors well, but, as a huge fan of the Duck & Goose series by Tad Hills, I had to add a copy of the most recent title, Duck & Goose Colors, to our ever growing home library collection. Luckily for my daughter, my aunt bought her the board book last spring. Now my son can learn his colors too with the help of Duck and Goose!

Duck & Goose Colors focuses on the basic colors of the rainbow. Each page features one color, using familiar characters and objects from the Duck & Goose world as illustrations. The language in the text is simple and repetitive in both vocabulary and grammar, making this board book perfect for the youngest readers and pre-readers. And, despite the repetition, I have yet to grow tired with reading this sweet book out loud.

I especially love the illustrations in Duck & Goose Colors, which I consider absolutely darling! Even as an adult, I love looking at all the details on each page. I particularly appreciate all the bright colors, which help capture the attention of both my preschooler daughter and infant son. I also really love the style that the Tad Hills uses for the characters in his books. Goose, in particular, is so sweet looking.

Cover of Duck & Goose Colors Inside Pages of Duck & Goose Colors

Final Verdict: If you are searching for a book about colors for your toddler or preschooler, I highly recommend Duck & Goose Colors by Tad Hills. I love the simple language, the brightly colored illustrations, and the use of familiar characters and objects to teach the basic colors of the rainbow. Duck & Goose Colors is an excellent book for teaching infants, toddlers, and preschoolers about color.

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