How to Encourage Your Elderly Loved One to Meet New People

As someone gets older, it is essential that they stay mentally and physically active. Staying social is the best way to keep mentally engaged. As someone gets older and perhaps spends more time in the house with the television rather than with friends, it will be beneficial to encourage more social interaction. Intellectual stimulation wards off dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and is also likely to improve mood.

Join a Club

There are usually a range of clubs and societies in most cities, towns, and village specifically or not specifically for the elderly. Gardening clubs, rambling groups, or light aerobic classes are great ways to not only stay social but get some exercise. Starting a reading group, seniors’ group, or film society could also be a fun way to stay socially engaged.

How to Encourage Your Elderly Loved One to Meet New People 2

Go Out for Meals

Keeping a regular date to go out for a meal at a local restaurant with a friend or family member can be something to keep your loved one’s mood up as they look forward to the occasion and the change of scenery as well as chatting to new people will have lots of benefits. You might feel like you are too busy to commit to this weekly date yourself, but, once you’ve gone together a few times, they may feel comfortable enough to go alone on occasion.

Get Help Around the House

Services such as Extra Care at Home not only provide the amount of help needed around the home but also companionship. These home help organizations can run errands such as picking up prescriptions and helping with the morning and evening routines, but it also means another personality to get to know and converse with.

Go Online

The TV series Last Tango in Halifax showed the way forward for people in the advancing years getting online and taking advantage of social media. It may be possible for your loved one to seek out long lost friends or make new ones over shared interests. There are also many nostalgia groups on Facebook to enable people to relive the good old days in their local area.

How to Encourage Your Elderly Loved One to Meet New People 1

Regular Walking

Incorporating a daily walk into a routine is a healthy way to not only get fresh air, but you will be surprised by how many people you see on a daily basis by taking the same route at the same time of day. These new faces will provide new opportunities for conversation.


There are many different businesses and services looking for volunteers. Whether you want to work with the public or behind the scenes, there are museums, charities, and events that thrive with the help of people who are able to devote their time to the cause. This is a sure fire way to find people with similar interests and fulfil a need to help and feel needed which may have been difficult to regain since retirement.

Hire a Companion

There are lots of different companies that offer the opportunity to hire someone for some companionship. It could be something tailored to the elderly, similar to a care service, or it could be something a bit more exciting like a companion of the opposite sex or escort. People often associate escorts with just sex, but this isn’t true. Escorts are paid for their time and company, just like those offering companionship services. Only some of them offer sexual services. You can take a look at this escort münchen directory for an example, should you wish.

How to Encourage Your Elderly Loved One to Meet New People 3

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