Enfamil Recalled After Baby Dies in Missouri

Enfamil Newborn Baby FormulaWalmart on Thursday recalled a large batch of Enfamil baby formula after an infant in Lebanon, Missouri died after consuming the formula. Following the recall announcement, shares of the Enfamil parent company Mead Johnson plummeted while Walmart called their decision an “abundance of caution” as the baby’s death is investigated.

News of the recall comes after a second child fell ill after consuming the product. According to reports, the ten-day-old baby consumed the drink and then contracted the dangerous Cronobacter sakazakii bacteria. The second child who fell ill recovered from the infection.

In response to the Walmart stock pull, Mead Johnson spokesman Chris Perille noted:

“The family purchased the formula at a Wal-Mart store, and ‘out of an abundance of caution’ Wal-Mart decided to voluntarily ‘pull & hold’ the same size cans (12.5 oz.) of Enfamil Newborn from the same batch code until the investigation is completed.”

Perille continued:

“In the case of such a serious illness or death, an exhaustive investigation is undertaken by officials.  Since Cronobacter in commonly present in the environment, they will be examining a range of possible environmental sources and engaging in sampling and testing to try to identify the cause.  Among numerous things being tested are any formula consumed — which included Enfamil Newborn — the water used to prepare it, etc.”

While this particular type of bacteria is typically linked to infant formula, an exhaustive investigation is required to rule out other possible contaminants in the environment or a situation along the chain of command that may have caused the bacteria to enter the food supply.

Consumers worried about the spread of the bacteria can return their Enfamil products to their place of purchase for a full refund.


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