EOS Organic Lip Balm: My New Addiction from EdenFantasys

EOS Organic Lip Balm 1As I have previously admitted, I am a lip balm addict. The most recent addition to my ever-growing collection of lip balms is EOS organic lip balm available through EdenFantasys. I decided to try EOS organic lip balm because I was looking for a more natural lip product without all the nasty chemicals and additives of more traditional lip balms. EOS organic lip balm is an organic product that contains only natural ingredients including olive fruit oil, beeswax, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, shea butter, stevia extract, sunflower seed oil, blueberry fruit extract, strawberry fruit extract, and peach fruit extract. This lip balm does not include any nasty petrochemicals!

EOS Organic Lip Balm 2Of the six flavors of EOS organic lip balm available on EdenFantasys, I have already purchased four: honeysuckle, lemon, strawberry sorbet, and tangerine. (The other two available flavors are sweet mint and summer fruit, which I plan to buy soon!) The honeysuckle and strawberry sorbet are just regular lip balms. I love the flavors, which are absolutely yummy. The lemon contains a sunscreen that is SPF 15. I really love using the lemon EOS organic lip balm when I am outside in the sun. The flavor is delicious and very lemony, and, because this lip balm is organic, I feel confident applying a small amount to my daughter’s lips as well. I also love the tangerine, which is medicated. The phenol in the tangerine gently removes the top layer of dead skin on my lips, leaving me with a kissably smooth pucker!

I am eager to try the other two flavors of EOS organic lip balm from EdenFantasys. I am also eager to try the EOS organic lip balm smooth stick, which is similar to the regular EOS organic lip balm, just in stick form. The smooth stick is available in mint, vanilla, and pomegranate raspberry flavors. So, if you are a lip balm addict just like me, then I highly recommend that you check out the EOS organic lip balm through EdenFantasys. You will not be disappointed!

Disclaimer: EdenFantasys is intended solely for viewing and purchasing by an adult audience. Please follow the age laws in your state for visiting the EdenFantasys website.

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