Explore Your Dream Job with GraduationSource

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Explore Your Dream Job with GraduationSource

At ages 2 and 5, my children have many years to decide before picking a career path. When I was a girl, I wanted to be a teacher, writer, pediatrician, and musician. I earned my bachelor’s degree in English studies with a minor in creative writing followed by master’s degrees in library and information science and English studies with a concentration in linguistics. I now spend a few hours a day writing for my website and as a freelancer. I am also a stay-at-home mom, homemaker, and homeschool teacher.

In an ideal world, everyone would work a satisfying and fulfilling job that they love. Unfortunately, many students graduate high school or college with little or no idea about a career path. Take a look at my husband: He graduated with a communications degree and then bounced from job to job for a few years. He finally realized that his passion exists in the online space, and he has been working for himself and as a freelancer as an internet entrepreneur for the past seven years.

As my children get older and I begin doing college prep with both, I plan to be proactive in helping them think about their future job plans. As a distributor of academic and promotional products, GraduationSource is dedicated to celebrating students’ successes and achievements. Young adults can use “The Path to Your Dream Job” infographic from Graduation Source to make a plan to reach their dream jobs. Learn about the potential path to becoming a lawyer, web developer, physician, and more.

Moms and dads can also use the infographic to get back into the workforce. Many parents, including stay-at-home moms like myself, decide to continue down their career path once their children leave the nest. Look at my own parents: My dad went back to college after I graduated high school to pursue a second career as a nurse. My mom also recently returned to school to also become a nurse. GraduationSource affirms that you are never too old to pursue your dreams. Whether you are a new adult or are sending your grown children off into the world, GraduationSource can help you find the perfect career for you!

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