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    Fanny Foozle iPad Apps Review

    Fanny Foozle lives in the town of Flamboozle with her momma, poppa, and foodle dog Sam. Every day is a fantastic adventure, a folly, and a big surprise for Fanny and her friends. Although I had never heard of Fanny Foozle before, I recently accepted an opportunity to review the three Fanny Foozle apps currently available in the Apple store. Upon downloading all three apps to my iPad, my toddler daughter and I spent some time reading the story and playing the games.

    Fanny Foozle eBook

    The Fanny Foozle ebook follows Fanny Foozle and the folks of Flamboozle on the day of Flamboozle Four Leaf Fantuckle Festival. The four leaf fantuckle blooms only once a year but only if all the citizens of the town are in good cheer. When the flower fails to bloom as the festival draws to an end, everyone in Flamboozle tries to figure out who is unhappy. When the crowd discovers Fanny Foozle crying pink tears because her foodle dog Sam, is missing, everyone tries to cheer her up by looking for her lost dog. Will foodle dog Sam be found? Will Fanny Foozle feel happy again? Will the four leaf fantuckle bloom? Find out in the Fanny Foozle ebook.

    Written in the style of Dr. Seuss, the Fanny Foozle ebook is a fun story to read with a preschool audience. A friendly-sounding narrator reads the story aloud as the words light up in red on the page. Like the Dr. Seuss books, Fanny Foozle includes a lot of made-up words such as flan, flubble, and flumpleberry foo. All of the silly made-up words start with the letter F just like the namesake of the story. At first I was a little annoyed by all the made-up words, but, after the umpteenth time that my daughter swiped through the story, the silliness started to grow on me!

    In addition to the silly language that gets early readers involved in the story, the Fanny Foozle ebook also features interactive illustrations on each page. Characters and objects in the pictures move as the narrator reads the story aloud. A young reader can also touch different parts of each page to make the characters and objects move even more. My toddler daughter especially loved adding flowers to the page describing the flowers that grow in Flamboozle and making the Mayor flip upside down as he trips over Foodle Dog Sam.

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    The Fanny Foozle ebook also includes a couple of games in addition to the story. My toddler daughter especially liked the matching game and the coloring book. The matching game is a memory tile game with pictures from the story. The coloring book allows a young reader to color pictures inspired by the story.

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    As a librarian, I love any app that includes a book for reading. The story in the Fanny Foozle ebook is fairly simple but still engaging for preschool readers. The interactive illustrations and games make the book and app interesting for readers of all ages including younger readers such as my toddler daughter. I highly recommend checking out the Fanny Foozle ebook app.

    Fanny Foozle Fun

    The Fanny Foozle Fun app includes two education games: Write and Spell Game and Word Puzzle.

    The Write and Spell Game allows preschoolers to practice writing and spelling words from the Fanny Foozle ebook. Some words included in the game are balloon, cake, and flower. For the writing part of the game, a picture and an outline of the printed word appear on the screen. For the spelling part, the child must drag the letters of each word into the correct order. In both games, the player can hear the word spoken aloud while tracing or spelling the written word. Parents can also type a name into the game, so that a child can write or spell his or her own name.

    In the Word Puzzle game, the child must drag one of four letters onto the puzzle to fill in the missing letter of a word. Once all the words are completed, a picture from the Fanny Foozle ebook appears.

    Both Fanny Foozle Fun games are definitely aimed at children who have begun learning to read and write. My two-year-old toddler daughter is too young for either game. However, beginning readers will enjoy practicing their new skills by spelling and writing words from the Fanny Foozle ebook. The only limitation of the games that I see is the limited number of words. Once a child learns to spell and write the dozen or so included words, then the games may lose some of their fun.

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    Fanny Foozle Pop!

    Fanny Foozle Pop! is a simple but fun game for preschoolers that helps with hand-eye coordination. The premise of the game is simple: Pop the balloons to earn points. But do not pop the Mayor balloon! Earn as many points as you can before time runs out. As an added bonus, touch the Four Leaf Fanfuckle Flower to pause the screen.

    Although recommended for preschoolers, both my toddler daughter and I enjoy playing Fanny Foozle Pop! together. The game is actually a little bit addicting. I find myself wanting to earn a higher and higher score each time I play. My toddler daughter, too, likes playing the game with my help. Although she is not quite sure about the point of the game yet. She does enjoy poking at the balloons on the iPad screen.

    If you are looking for a fun game that helps with eye-hand coordination for your preschooler, I recommend checking out Fanny Foozle Pop!

    Fanny Foozle Screenshot 12 Fanny Foozle Screenshot 13
    Final Verdict: All three Fanny Foozle apps are free to download from the Apple store. If you are the parent of a preschooler, I recommend checking out all three free apps. The Fanny Foozle eBook and Fanny Foozle Fun apps focus on reading, writing, and spelling while the Fanny Foozle Pop! app provides a fun game that helps kids with hand-eye coordination.

    For more information, visit the Fanny Foozle website. You can also follow Fanny Foozle on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Download all three Fanny Foozle apps for free from the Apple store by searching for “Fanny Foozle.”

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