My Favorite Christmas Episodes

My Favorite Christmas Episodes

Christmas is my favorite holiday. One tradition that I look forward to every year is watching my favorite holiday television episodes. Although I generally love any Christmas special, I do have a few favorites that I watch over again.

That ’70s Show: The Best Christmas Ever

The Best Christmas Ever

My all-time favorite Christmas episode is the first Christmas episode of That ’70s Show: “The Best Christmas Ever.” The episode starts with the gang decorating an aluminum Christmas tree in Eric Foreman’s basement. As the kids settle down to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Kitty runs down the stairs and switches the channel to Holiday Inn. The rest of the episode involves Red and Kitty’s Christmas party upstairs and Eric’s own party downstairs. Laurie, Eric’s nasty sister, spikes the punch bowl that Kitty foists upon Eric but succeeds only in getting a bunch of high school cheerleaders at the party drunk.

Adding to the holiday hilarity, Red is forced to work the evening of Christmas Eve by his boss, who is also the Foreman’s next door neighbor. Before heading to work, Red sends Eric out to buy a Christmas tree. Instead of spending the money on a tree, Eric and his friends steal one from the side of the interstate and buy beer instead. The entire episode ends with the police confiscating the stolen tree and Red busting up the alcohol-fueled party in the basement.

Definitely meant for mature viewers, “The Best Christmas Ever” is both my favorite Christmas episode and my favorite That ’70s Show episode. Filled with great lines, the episode always makes me laugh. I also love that all the character dress in red and green, which adds an even greater Christmas feeling to the show.

Warning: Intended for mature audiences.

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch: Christmas Amnesia

Christmas Amnesia

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch is one of my favorite feel good television shows. My favorite Christmas special is “Christmas Amnesia.” Like many teenagers, Sabrina decides that she wants to spend the holidays her way instead of doing family Christmas activities with her aunts. When she sneaks off to a party in the Other Realm, she accidentally erases the memory of Christmas from the entire world. Hilarity ensues as she tries to bring back Christmas, hoping not to erase Christmas forever like Salem erased Bobunk. “Christmas Amnesia” is a fun holiday special for the whole family.

How I Met Your Mother: How Lily Stole Christmas

How Lily Stole Christmas

How I Met Your Mother is definitely not for children due to the adult themes throughout the series. However, one of the Christmas episodes from How I Met Your Mother, “How Lily Stole Christmas,” is one of my new favorites. In the episode, Lily finds out that Ted called her a bad word. Out of spite, she takes all her Christmas decorations back to her apartment, essentially stealing Christmas the holiday from Marshall and Ted. Will Ted and Lily make up in time? And why is Marshall working on a term paper at the law library on Christmas Eve?

Also be sure to check out my recipe for Sinfully Cinnamon Cookies inspired by “How Lily Stole Christmas.”

Rocko’s Modern Life: Rocko’s Modern Christmas

Rocko's Modern Christmas

As a kid, I loved watching the Christmas episode, “Rocko’s Modern Christmas,” of the cartoon Rocko’s Modern Life. Not until this year did my husband find a copy of the episode on DVD. Rocko hopes to bring some Christmas cheer to his friends, but, when a family of elves moves in across the street, a vicious rumor starts that halts Rocko’s Christmas Eve party in its tracks. Will the Christmas spirit of one little wallaby save Christmas in O-Town?

What is your favorite Christmas television episode?

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