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    Fish Oil Likely Not an Important Supplement

    Everest Nutrition Krill Oil CapsuleIn recent years, pregnant women have been encouraged to take fish oil supplements. However, the findings of a new study suggest that taking fish oil supplements during pregnancy make no difference in the IQs of children.

    Fish oil contains fatty acids such as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which are important for a developing fetus. In previous studies, researchers have found that women with high levels of DHA in their red blood cells around the time of birth had children who scored above average on the IQ tests at six years of age.

    Fish oil and DHA supplements have also been hypothesized to improve children’s vision when taken by their mothers during pregnancy. However, no link has been conclusively determined between supplements and eyesight.

    In the current experiment on the potential benefits of fish oil supplements, researchers gave pregnant women fish oil supplements, fish oil and folate supplements, folate supplements, or a placebo. Almost seven years later, the researchers then administered IQ tests on the children born to these women. Findings indicate that the type of supplement taken during pregnancy had no effect on IQ.

    Most likely, DHA and other fatty acids must come from the mother’s diet rather than a supplement to show any benefit.

    The findings of the current study support the findings of an earlier Norwegian study that also concluded fish oil supplements had no effect on children’s IQ.


    Fish oil pills don’t improve kids’ braininess:

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