‘Gideon’ Book Review

Gideon is a small, ruddy gosling who likes to play all day. Even when his mother calls him in for a nap, he plays and plays and plays. Gideon likes chasing the piglet, bouncing on the sheep, and playing quietly with the turtle. Will he ever take a nap?

Gideon by Olivier Dunrea is another adorable title in the Gossie & Friends series. My daughter and I discovered the Gossie & Friends books last summer during our toddler summer reading program. We both fell instantly in love with the series. My daughter loves the books because of the geese (which she calls ducks). I love the series because of the simple but interesting stories and the whimsical illustrations.

The story in Gideon is quite simple. Gideon, another gosling in the barnyard, is a gosling who prefers to play all day rather than take a nap. As he plays all over the farm, his mother implores him to stop for a bit and rest. All day he refuses. As the mother of a toddler who often refuses to stop playing to nap, I can relate to the mother. And I certainly hope that my daughter will realize that lying down to rest for a little bit each day is okay. After all, if Gideon the gosling needs a nap, then little girls probably need naps too.

Like the other Gossie & Friends books, the language in Gideon is simple for young readers. The language is rather repetitive but not in a boring way. Repetition is great for toddlers and preschoolers who are still acquiring language and also helpful for emerging readers. Although I have read Gideon over and over again to my daughter, I am not yet bored of the story.

In addition to the simple but cute story, the illustrations in Gideon are absolutely darling. My daughter particularly loves the pictures of Gideon with the pig and sheep. I just love the whimsical illustrations throughout the story. I personally could spend hours looking at all the details on the pages of the Gossie & Friends books.

Cover of Gideon by Olivier Dunrea Inside Pages of Gideon by Olivier Dunrea

Final Verdict: Gideon is a darling title in the Gossie & Friends series by Olivier Dunrea for young readers. The simple but interesting story is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and emerging readers. The whimsical illustrations delightfully bring the story to life. If you are looking for a fun book for your little reader, especially a little reader who refuses to nap, then I highly recommend Gideon.

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