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    ‘Gossie’ Book Review

    Last summer while reading books for our toddler summer reading program, my daughter and I discovered the Gossie & Friends series by Olivier Dunrea. Gossie is the first book in the series, and my daughter and I both have fallen in love with the little goose.

    As the book begins, Gossie is a small, yellow gosling who likes to wear bright red boots. She wears her boots around the farm every day. One day, however, she awakes to find her bright red boots missing. Will Gossie find her boots? Will she make a new friend during the search?

    My daughter is a duck aficionado. Although Gossie is a gosling, my daughter still calls her a duck. As soon as I showed my daughter the cover of Gossie, she immediately grabbed the book from my hands and flipped through the pages. Like all of the Gossie & Friends titles, the illustrations in Gossie are whimsical and darling. My daughter especially liked the picture of Gossie with the pig. Even I, as an adult, love looking at the details on all the pages of Gossie.

    In addition to the wonderful illustrations, Gossie also features a simple story that is perfect for pre-readers and emerging readers. The language is simple and repetitive, which is perfect for little readers. Each page contains just a handful of words at most, so the story goes by quickly, which makes Gossie perfect for toddlers who sometimes have trouble sitting still for an entire book. And, although simple, the story is definitely not boring. I can read Gossie over and over again without growing tired of the book.

    Cover of Gossie by Olivier Dunrea Inside Pages of Gossie by Olivier Dunrea

    Final Verdict: Gossie by Olivier Dunrea is a darling little book for young readers. As the first book in the series, Gossie introduces kids to the world of Gossie the small, yellow gosling and her friends. I particularly love the whimsical illustrations. My daughter agrees, especially as she points out her favorite pictures in the book. I also like the story, which is simple and perfect for young readers. If you are looking for a series for your toddler, preschooler, or young child, then definitely check out Gossie and the Gossie & Friends series.

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