Grandma’s Pure and Natural Review

Since the birth of my daughter, I have made an attempt to use fewer potentially harmful chemicals around my home — both for cleaning and for personal use. I use vinegar to clean my kitchen, and natural cleansers for my bathroom sink and tub. I also use more natural skin and hair care products when possible. Thus, when recently offered the chance to review some products from Grandma’s Pure and Natural, I eagerly accepted the opportunity. I received four products: Grandma’s Laundry Soap, Grandma’s Laundry Stain Stick, Grandma’s Lye Soap, and Grandma’s Baby Bar.

Grandma's Pure and Natural Laundry Soap and Soaps

Grandma’s Laundry Soap

Grandma’s Laundry Soap is a laundry soap, not a detergent. The low-suds, natural alternative to commercial laundry detergents contains no dyes or fragrance to aggravate allergies or irritate sensitive skin. Containing only washing soda, baking soda, and borax, the laundry soap is perfect for both whites and colors.

In addition to my cloth diaper laundry, I wash two to three loads of regular laundry each week. I have been testing the Grandma’s Laundry Soap on my regular laundry for a couple of weeks now. To be honest, I cannot tell the difference between Grandma’s Laundry Soap and my conventional detergent, which I consider a plus. I was very happy with the results of my previous detergent, and I am just as happy with the laundry soap from Grandma’s Pure and Natural.

At $9.99 for a 40-ounce bag, Grandma’s Laundry Soap is a little more expensive than my previous detergent. However, Grandma’s recommends using as little as two scoops of the laundry soap, meaning one bag lasts up to forty to eighty loads. For my husband’s clothing, I use three scoops. For my daughter’s and my clothing, I use two scoop. After a couple of weeks, I have used only half the bag. I am definitely considering buying more once I run out of all my present laundry detergents.

Grandma's Laundry Soap and Grandma's Laundry Stain Stick

Grandma’s Laundry Stain Stick

In addition to the laundry soap, I also received Grandma’s Laundry Stain Stick. The laundry stick is a stronger version of the famous Grandma’s Lye Soap. To use, wet the stick and stain, rub the stick on the stain to cover, rub the cloth together to dislodge the stain, and then launder as usual. Repeat as often as necessary before drying to remove the stain. Grandma’s Laundry Stain Stick works best on fresh stains. However, I did use the stick on an older stain on one of my daughter’s dresses. The stick seemed to help remove the stain a little more than had I simply washed the garment again. A 2-ounce stick costs $3.50, which is comparable in price to conventional stain sticks.

Grandma’s Lye Soap

Among the personal care products that Grandma’s Pure and Natural offers, I received a bar of Grandma’s Lye Soap. The soap contains lard, water, and lye — no detergents or fragrances. As an individual with sensitive skin, I often look for the simplest personal products available. With only three ingredients, Grandma’s Lye Soap is definitely simple and natural.

I have been using Grandma’s Lye Soap for a couple of weeks now. The soap does not leave my skin feeling dry or tight like conventional soaps. All I feel is clean. A single bar costs $5, but a bar lasts a long time. I have barely put a dent into mine despite nightly use for almost three weeks. My only complaint is that the unscented bar smelled decidedly like kitchen lard. The fatty odor is slightly off putting to me. However, Grandma’s Pure and Natural does offer some scented soaps such as the peppermint sports bar and the oatmeal lavender beauty bar.

Grandma's Lye Soap

Grandma’s Baby Bar

In addition to Grandma’s Lye Soap, I also received a bar of Grandma’s Baby Bar, which contains saponified oils of olive, rice bran, coconut, palm, castor, and calendula. The vegetable-based soap is detergent and fragrance free. I have been using the baby bar on my daughter. The gentle soap leaves her skin feeling soft and clean, never dry. She loves helping wash herself during showers, and I feel absolutely comfortable letting her help with the natural soap. At $6 a bar, Grandma’s Baby Bar is again a little more expensive than conventional soaps. However, the bar lasts quite a long time, so the quality is worth the price. I would personally use the baby bar as my own soap as well because of the lack of lard scent.

Grandma's Baby Bar

Final Verdict: I am extremely pleased with all four products that I received from Grandma’s Pure and Natural. Grandma’s Laundry Soap works just as well as my regular laundry detergent to get my family’s clothes clean, and Grandma’s Laundry Stain Stick helps remove stains through a stronger formula of lye soap. Grandma’s Lye Soap leaves me feeling clean without feeling dry and itchy. My only complaint is that the lard in the soap smells like lard. Finally, Grandma’s Baby Bar gets my daughter clean through a vegetable-based soap that never dries out her delicate skin. If you are in the market for some more natural household and personal products, I highly recommend the laundry soap and soaps from Grandma’s Pure and Natural.

For more information or to make a purchase, visit the Grandma’s Pure and Natural website. You can also follow Grandma’s Pure and Natural on Facebook and Twitter or via the Grandma’s Pure and Natural blog.

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