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Cover of Grumpy CatMy daughter loves reading books featuring grumpy characters. Her papa (my dad) can be quite a grumpy character himself, so she loves finding books about other grumpy characters. She and I recently stumbled across Grumpy Cat by Britta Teckentrup at one of our local libraries, and my daughter immediately fell in love with the story.

“Once there was a cat who lived all alone. He ate on his own. He slept on his own. He spent every day alone. He would sit between the trash cans and look very, very grumpy.” Although the other cats figured that Cat was grumpy, he was really just lonely. Then one day, he finds himself followed around by a kitten. Will Cat still be so grumpy with Kitten tagging along?

Recommended for readers in preschool through third grade, Grumpy Cat features fairly simple language that keeps the story moving. I first read the book aloud to my daughter when she was an older toddler. The story captivated her right from the start. Slightly older readers will also enjoy following Cat in his grumpy adventure with Kitten.

In addition to the simple story, my daughter also likes the simple but fun illustrations in Grumpy Cat. She especially likes pointing out the grumpy face on Cat throughout the pages. I personally like the simplicity of the illustration style and the bold colors. Kids younger and older alike will enjoy the pictures that help bring the story in Grumpy Cat to life.

Inside Pages of Grumpy Cat 1 Inside Pages of Grumpy Cat 2


Final Verdict: Grumpy Cat by Britta Teckentrup is another favorite book in The Parenting Patch household. My young daughter adores reading books featuring grumpy characters, so the story was an immediate hit for her. Between the simple but engaging language and the equally simple but engaging illustrations, Grumpy Cat is a must-read book for preschoolers through first graders. My daughter and I give the book four enthusiastic thumbs up!

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