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    ‘Happy Accidents’ by Billy Jonas Review

    Are you a parent who is looking for fun music for your children that is also interesting for adults? Almost two months ago I wrote a review of the album What Kind of Cat Are You?! by Billy Jonas. I absolutely loved the CD and was recently sent a copy of a newer Billy Jonas album entitled Happy Accidents. I am so happy to share that I am just as pleased with Happy Accidents as I was with What Kind of Cat Are You?!

    The reason that I originally wanted to review What Kind of Cat Are You?! was because of all the great cat puns in the title track. Therefore, when I received my copy of Happy Accidents, I was tickled pink to see the song “What Kind of Dog Are You?!” on the album. In this song, Billy asks about dogs, cows, yaks, pigs, and bees. Here are a few of my favorite lines:

    What kind of dog is a rapper with a lot of style? SNOOP DOG
    And what kind of cow do you sit on in your living room? COUCH
    And what kind of yak is crazy and lives in Maine? MANIAC
    And what kind of bee is the key of this song? B FLAT
    And what kind of bee is on your windshield? B FLAT

    The Happy Accidents album features twenty-one tracks (eighteen songs and three introductions):

    1. Happy Accidents by Billy JonasEyes Wide Open
    2. Who’s Gonna Make Our Music?!
    3. Vitamin Alphabet
    4. To Be One
    5. Open Sesame
    6. Intro: Happy Accident
    7. Happy Accident
    8. What Kind of Dog AreYou?!
    9. Get There
    10. You Are Not Alone
    11. Knock Knock
    12. One Tutu Too Many
    13. Cabeza
    14. Intro: Hollow Bamboo
    15. Hollow Bamboo
    16. Intro: Wake Up Suite
    17. Gotta Get up
    18. Two Minute Shower
    19. Eat Something
    20. Brush Your Teeth
    21. Totally Ready to Go

    Like on What Kind of Cat Are You?!, the songs on Happy Accidents feature Billy’s trademark homemade re-percussion drum set as well as other found sounds such as rubber bands, body percussion, door squeaks, and apple cider jugs in addition to more traditional musical instruments such as guitars, bass, piano, banjo, accordion, tuba, marimbas, and kalimbas. I love Billy’s sound precisely because of the great variety of instruments he uses. I also love that he thinks outside the instrument box to employ other objects in his music. Kids, too, will love finding their own instruments around the house to play along with the songs on this album.

    The tunes on Happy Accidents are incredibly catchy but in no way annoying. Just the other day, I found myself humming the chorus of “Happy Accident” to myself while at work. The song had gotten stuck in my head! However, the melody is sort of soothing and in no way irritating like some songs that I hear on the radio these days, so I was in no way irritated. In fact, I kind of chuckled to myself once I realized what I was singing to myself. I had only listened to the album a few times at that point! I was pleased to discovered just how great the songs on Happy Accidents were: great enough to stick in my memory after only a few listenings.

    My favorite part of the Happy Accidents album, however, are the lyrics. Just like on What Kind of Cat Are You?!, Billy has shown his mastery and cleverness with words on this CD. In addition to the the clever wordplay on “What Kind of Dog Are You?!”, I also love the lyrics in “Knock Knock” and “One Tutu Too Many.” The song “One Tutu Too Many” is great for language development because of the clever repetition of sounds. Here are a few of my favorite lines from the song:

    With my lemonade

    I also love all of the clever knock knock jokes in “Knock Knock.” My husband thinks that I am a little weird for my super love of wordplay; he definitely thought that my love of all the jokes in this song was a little silly. Never mind him! Here are two of my favorite knock knock jokes from the song:

    Knock knock!  Who’s there?
    Owls who?
    That’s right, they do!

    Knock knock!  Who’s there?
    Cows who?
    No, cows  “moo,” and owls “who”

    Finally, I love the variety of musical genres including on the Happy Accidents album. For example, “Eyes Wide Open” and “Get There” have a more funky, folky sound while “Cabeza” has some definitely Latin flair. I love that Billy exposes young children to such a variety of sounds on one album. I hope that my daughter will learn to appreciate the entire world of music outside of just one or two genres by listening to Happy Accidents.

    Final VerdictHappy Accidents by Billy Jonas is an awesome album for the entire family and a great follow-up to What Kind of Cat Are You?! The songs are geared more towards children, but adults will love the clever lyrics and hummable tunes too. I highly recommend that any parent with younger children buy a copy of this CD, which is available online through CD Baby. You can also find Billy online on his website as well as FacebookYouTube, and Twitter.

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