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How Online Games Train Kids Against Cyber Attacks

Ben 10 Ultimate AlienCyber security attacks can hit everyone, from government departments to kids surfing the web or texting on their mobile phones. Online games help kids and adults understand the nature of these threats, how the attackers think, and how to combat them.

Social Media

Cyber attacks have increased with the growing popularity of social media. As kids opt for Facebook and Twitter in place of what they judge as antiquated email, their accounts can be bombarded with pornography, false information about themselves and friends, and violence. Even the most attentive shoulder surfing parent will not pick up the entire problem. Big governments and international corporations are mobilizing their forces to understand the threat through role-playing in online cyber warfare. Teenagers and even younger people can use the same form of game playing to protect their online security.

Wielding the Ultimatrix

Cyber defense for kids starts by suggesting that they watch Ben 10: Ultimate Alien online. Compared with many school lessons, kids will probably find this very entertaining as well as instructive. In the latest series, 16-year old Ben has the Ultimatrix in his grip. This is the most powerful weapon in the universe. But Ben does not know what the secrets of the Ultimatrix are or how to cope with them. This Ultimatrix is massively more powerful than the earlier Omnimatrix. That weapon had the DNA of aliens inside it that could destroy the universe. But the Ultimatrix is so powerful that the aliens it can create will be many hundreds of times more powerful than the Omnimatrix.


As you watch Ben 10: Ultimate Alien online and start to play the game, the first thing you have to decide is whether you trust Ben. Is he on your side or on the side of destruction? It is the same decision that anyone has to make when answering messages, either email or social media. Awareness of the threat is the first line of defense against a cyber attack. The threats may be bullying, misinformation, or even identity theft.


But why should anyone trust Ben? He is a great hero to his young friends, but the adults do not like him because he is far too rude and sure of himself. Would anyone really trust Ben with their password? The answer is clear: No one should trust a password to anyone, however popular. It is like identifying a phishing URL. As you continue to watch Ultimate Alien online, some characters, like Gwen, always look solid and trustworthy. That is the person to ask for help when attacked. But what about Kevin? He may look like a troublemaker, but he has the power to transform into any kind of matter and energy and combat the threat. This is the cyber hero that captures the internet villain. The game eventually teaches its players who to trust and how to get them to help in countering cyber threats.


Online games teach children to counter internet threats by working in real time to solve a problem. The games work as internet security case studies that can incorporate education, humor, and, most important for kids, a high degree of cool. Online games become a valuable learning resource when used in a supportive environment.

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