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    How to Talk to a Cat: An Espentorial

    My big sister is a cat named Princess. When I first met her when I was just a little eight-week-old puppy, she whacked me upside the head with her paw. As I grew bigger and eventually got bigger than her, she came to love me as an older sister should love her little brother. Just as she has learned to love me, I have learned a few things about cats from her. Here are some topics that you can discuss when you are talking to a cat:

    • Princess and EspenYou can talk about catastrophes.
    • Ask her if she has spotted any cat burglars lately.
    • Did she spend any time being catatonic today?
    • Did she have time for a cat nap?
    • Would she like some fries with catsup?
    • Has she has her eyes checked for cataracts?
    • Ask her if she likes catfish.
    • Inquire about her use of catnip.
    • Did she attend catechism?
    • Can she recommend a good Catawba?
    • Does she strut her stuff on the catwalk?
    • Has she ever met a caterpillar?
    • Are there any cattle around?
    • Would she ever own a catapult?
    • What are some of her favorite categories?
    • Does the mailman bring her catalogues?
    • Has she ever caterwauled while cattycorner from a cathouse?
    • Or you can just ask her about the whole kit n’ caboodle!

    Do you have any other suggestions for how to talk to a cat?

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