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    Huggies TweetPee App Tells Parents When Baby Goes Potty

    TweetPeeThe team at Huggies Brazil has created a new iPhone app with a clip-on humidity sensor that can tweet to parents when their baby has gone potty.

    Huggies Brazil is currently testing TweetPee with a small user base of just four parents, and they hope to expand the program to 10 parents in July.

    TweetPee works by having parents clip an owl-shaped plastic humidity sensor to the baby’s diaper. When humidity is sensed, the app is activated and parents are alerted to the potty break.

    Ultimately, the TweetPee app will help parents track the volume of pee from their child and even alert them when its time to buy more Huggies.

    At this point, the Huggies TweetPee app and hardware are just concepts that could come or go.

    In the meantime, I have to question whether or not baby will see the pretty owl and try to eat it.

    Here’s a nice video report about the TweetPee app:



    Huggies TweetPee App Tweets Parents When It’s Time to Change Baby’s Diaper:

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