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    Kingston DataTraveler with urDrive Software Helps Busy Parents Stay Organized

    Thank you to Kingston for sponsoring this review. Please click here to learn more about Kingston. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.

    urDrive USB DriveIf you are in the market for a new USB drive, Kingston’s DataTraveler with urDrive Software can provide you with more than a simple storage device. The USB drive features a software suite which allows users to view photos directly from the drive, browse the internet with a specialized browser that keeps bookmarks available at all times, and organize games, music, video, and photo files directly on the unit.

    For the purpose of this review, I was provided with the 8GB version of the UBS drive, which is a very small device that easily fits on a keychain. The drive is constructed around a single piece of hard plastic that in unlikely to break because of sliding parts (a typical problem Heather has with USB drives).

    Once plugged in, the USB drive immediately launched to reveal the Kingston urDrive options in a nice user interface that is easy to point and click through:

    Kingston urDrive

    As you can see, there are several “main focus” icons on the application, namely Norton security, a dedicated internet browser, a backup icon, a child-friendly internet option, a games center option, and the company’s app store. Clicking on any of the links provided brings you directly to those options.

    I first started by trying out the included Maxthon browser. Anyone who uses Firefox, Chrome, or Apple’s Safari internet browsers will quickly understand how to use this option; users can open new tabs at will, favorite certain web pages, and even set up bookmarks that will stay on their urDrive software as they access the program from various computer systems. The Maxthon browser opened all of my test pages quickly (,, and various other light and heavy resource intensive options).

    Maxthon Browser - Kingston urDrive

    While I am a sucker for a nice UI, I was most interested in seeing how the company’s software would perform from a child-friendly perspective, and their Fooz Kids offering was definitely a welcomed surprised. Fooz Kids allows parents to set up an online gaming and education experience for their children that utilizes well known educational formats including Sesame Street, My Little Pony, Thomas the Train Engine, and other well known child favorites. By placing these favorites into a simple icon based format, children can easily navigate to and play with their favorite characters whenever you choose by simply plugging in the drive and installing the program on any computer of your choice.

    Fooz Kids

    While Kingston provides some excellent software with the urDrive system, where they really excel is the storage of your data whether it be music, videos, photos, or documents. Unlike standard USB drives, the urDrive system categorizes your files based on categories, making it easy to find the type of files you want without navigating through an endless mashup of file types.

    urDrive Music

    As you can see on the left side of the screen, you can choose between Apps, Music, and Photos, all of which are auto-categorized as you drag and drop files onto your drive.

    My one complaint with the urDrive system is that MP3 files are the only file type that can play inside the drive’s music section; other files such as the .wma files that I uploaded can only be stored and retrieved. While this pet peeve is not a big deal if you are only using the drive for the storage and transfer of files, it makes it more difficult to use the type of instant recall the system touts.

    My favorite part about the drive, however, has to be the built-in photo viewer. Once photos are uploaded into the drive, an icon located at the bottom of the main screen allows users to quickly and easily access their photos and view them directly from the drive. Here is a quick look at the included photo viewer via some pictures of my adorable puppy, Espen:

    Kingston urDrive Photo Viewer

    Notice how the bottom of the photo viewer allows you not only to scan between photos but also rotate them, create a full screen view of the photos, and even throw them into the trash bin if you decide you do not want them on the drive. Conversely, if you are done with the photo viewer, you can simply click on the file folder or music icon to view other file types.

    The Kingston Data Traveler with urDrive Software is the perfect option for your next family vacation or important school function; not only can you store files but you can store them with easy access to ensure your important moments and documents are not lost in a mess of files.

    Here is an official Kingston Data Traveler video with urDrive Software:

    Give the Kingston DataTraveler a try, and let us know how you use the device’s included software to organize your life and provide entertainment for your children.

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