Kranich’s Cultured Pearl Bracelet Review

Disclosure: I received a cultured pearl bracelet from Kranich’s as part of an advertorial.

Kranich's Cultured Pearl Bracelet Box Kranich's Cultured Pearl Bracelet 1

Although I generally do not wear jewelry other than my engagement and wedding rings because of my sometimes grabby toddler, I do own a few nicer pieces that I pair with nicer outfits for fancier occasions such as family events and dates with my husband. I also prefer simpler jewelry over ostentatious pieces. Thus, when Kranich’s recently offered me the chance to review a cultured pearl bracelet, I eagerly accepted the opportunity.

The cultured pearl bracelet from Kranich’s is a seven-inch bracelet featuring small (5.5 to 6.0 millimeter) cultured pearls and a filagree safety clasp. The bracelet retails for $65.

When I first received my cultured pearl bracelet from Kranich’s, I was impressed with the design. The pearls are quite small, which fits my personal taste. I find bigger pearls on a bracelet uncomfortable, so I really appreciate the smaller design. Although the product description indicates a 14 karot yellow gold clasp, mine is silver in color, which I prefer. I am not a fan of yellow gold, so the silver fits my style better.

One problem I did encounter with the bracelet is the clasp. I had never seen a similar clasp, so I could not open the bracelet at first. I squeezed and pushed and pulled without any luck. After a few minutes, I consulted the Kranich’s website and noticed a popup question box. I posed my question about my problem opening the clasp and received the following responses:


Kranich’s: Did you have any questions?
You: How do you open the clasp on the Cultured Pearl Bracelet?
Ben: HI, There is a little piece that you push dowm and pull out at the same time. Then you unhook the gold piece
You: I can’t figure it out. Do you have a video or something? I’m afraid I might break it
Ben: No, I’m sorry we don’t. Are you local?
You: Not that I know of. I received the bracelet to review through Tomoson.
Ben: Once it’s pulled out that piece that looks like a U just turn and slip it through.
You: I’m gently pushing and pulling but nothing is moving
Ben: Do you see where to puch down?
You: Not really.
You: Nevermind. I just got it!
Ben: Oh great!
You: thank you
Ben: you’re welcome

Despite a lack of clear instructions for opening the clasp on the cultured pearl bracelet, I am pleased with the customer service that I received from Kranich’s. The employee who assisted me tried his hardest to explain the clasp mechanism to me over chat. His descriptions finally helped me open the bracelet.

In addition to the excellent customer service that I received from Kranich’s, I am also very pleased with the quality of the cultured pearl bracelet. Although I do not generally wear jewelry on an everyday basis, I have been wearing the bracelet around the house for review purposes. I will admit that I am rather rough on my jewelry. And, as a klutz, I often find myself banging my wrist, and subsequently the bracelet, into furniture, walls, and countertops. Despite my abuse, the cultured pearl bracelet is still in great shape without so much as a nick or scratch.


Kranich's Cultured Pearl Bracelet 2 Kranich's Cultured Pearl Bracelet on Wrist

Final Verdict: I really like my new cultured pearl bracelet from Kranich’s. Although I had a bit of trouble with the clasp at first, the excellent customer service provided to me by the jeweler helped solve my problem quickly. Additionally, the quality of the bracelet is very high, withstanding even the abuse that a klutz like me dishes out on a regular basis. If you are in the market for a small pearl bracelet, I highly recommend the cultured pearl bracelet from Kranich’s.

For more information or to make a purchase, visit the Kranich’s website. You can also follow Kranich’s on Facebook and Twitter and via the Kranich’s blog.

I received a cultured pearl bracelet from Kranich’s mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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