‘Ladybug Girl’ Book Review

When a little girl named Lulu puts on her ladybug costume, she becomes the superhero Ladybug Girl. Using her imagination, Ladybug Girl creates fantastic adventures for herself. Ladybug Girl by David Somar and Jacky Davis is the first book in the Ladybug Girl series that introduces young readers to the imaginative Lulu and her alter-ego Ladybug Girl.

Recommended for readers ages 4 and up, Ladybug Girl tells the story of a little girl who is told she is too little to play with her older brother. At first Ladybug Girl pouts, complaining that she has nothing to do. Once she heads outside, however, she discovers a big, wide world of adventures right in her own backyard.

Although my daughter is a bit younger than the recommended age for the original Ladybug Girl, I still enjoy reading the book aloud to my own little ladybug. The story is a great reminder about the power of imagination. Additionally, the book teachers empowerment. Although Lulu is told that she is too little, she soon learns that she is capable of doing all sorts of wondrous things all by herself.

In addition to the positive message in the story, Ladybug Girl also features some pretty fantastic illustrations. Although the story appeals more towards little girls based on the main character, both boys and girls can enjoy this book. The illustrations are colorful but not gendered, that is, the pictures do not contain an overabundance of pink like many gendered books written more towards girls. As a mother who refuses to box her daughter into a pink stereotype, I appreciate the more realistic use of colors in this book.

Cover of Ladybug Girl Inside Pages of Ladybug Girl

Final Verdict: Ladybug Girl by David Somar and Jacky Davis is a fantastic first book in a fabulous series. The book introduces young readers to the character Lulu/Ladybug Girl. Although the main character is female, the book can appeal to both boys and girls because of the lack of overtly gendered illustrations. I especially appreciate the important messages of imagination and empowerment throughout the story. I highly recommend Ladybug Girl to any preschooler reader.

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