‘Little Blue and Little Yellow’ Book Review

Little Blue and Little YellowI love minimalist illustrations. (Hence my love of Peanuts.) So, when Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni crossed my path at my library, I had to take a moment to read the book. I was not disappointed.

Illustrated with torn pieces of paper, Little Blue and Little Yellow is a book about friendship. The story is sweet, and the ending is happy.

However, my favorite aspect of the book is the illustrations. According to a note to parents and teachers in the back of the book, the author was inspired to create this story during a visit with his grandchild. Lionni had discovered a page in Life magazine with a blue, yellow, and green design. The design gave him the idea to write his first children’s book Little Blue and Little Yellow.

Each page tells the story of little blue and little yellow with torn pieces of colored paper. Because of the colors and shapes, this book would be great to read to an infant as well as to an older child. Parents too will enjoy the colors.

The Verdict: Little Blue and Little Yellow is the perfect read for anyone who likes colors and minimalist illustrations.

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