‘Little Hoot’ Book Review

All Little Hoot the young owl wants is a reasonable bedtime like all his friends. Unfortunately, Mama Owl and Papa Owl insist that he stay up late like owls should. Little Owl spends all night playing, jumping, and grumbling about not being allowed to go to bed early.

Little Hoot by Amy Krouse Rosenthal with illustrations by Jen Corace is a clever new bedtime story that turns the tables on the traditional bedtime argument. Instead of arguing about staying up late, Little Hoot fights with his parents about going to bed early. This book is perfect for any kid who has ever wanted to stay up late and for any parent who has ever had to hear the “just five more minutes” argument.

Recommended for readers ages 3 and older, my toddler daughter also enjoyed Little Hoot. She particularly likes owls, so pointing out the owls on each page made her day. She also seemed to like the story because she kept repeating words and phrases as I read the book aloud to her.

The illustrations in Little Hoot are also quite fun. The drawings are minimalistic but still interesting. I particularly like the two pages on which Little Hoot counts down the minutes until bedtime.

Cover of Little Hoot Inside Pages of Little Hoot

Final Verdict: Little Hoot by Amy Krouse Rosenthal with illustrations by Jen Corace is a fun new take on the bedtime story. I highly recommend this book to any family with kids who argue about bedtime. I also recommend the story to any young reader who likes owls. Toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids will enjoy reading about Little Hoot and his pleas for an earlier bedtime.

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Cover of Little Hoot © 2013 Heather Johnson
Inside Pages of Little Hoot © 2013 Heather Johnson

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