‘Little Pink Pup’ Book Review

Little Pink Pup CoverI love puppies. I also love pigs. As a child I collected stuffed animals and figures of pigs. So when the book Little Pink Pup by Johanna Kerby crossed my desk at the library, I had to take a moment to read it.

Little Pink Pup is about a mother dog who adopts other babies aside from her own including the runt of a pig litter. The book tells the story of Pink, the runt piglet, who goes to live with Tink, the mother dog, until he is big enough and strong enough to return to the barn with his pig brethren. At first the story is a little sad because the bigger piglets push Pink out of the way, not allowing him to nurse. However, the ending is ultimately happy because Pink grows up into a big, healthy adult pig.

My favorite part of this book is the photographs. Little Pink Pup is a true story and was documented by Johanna Kerby on her farm. One of my favorite pictures is of Tink cuddling Pink as he sleeps with the rest of his canine littermates. All of the other pictures are equally adorable.

Final Verdict: Little Pink Pup is a heartwarming story that children who love animals will love to read again and again. The photographs make the story come alive. I look forward to reading this book to my daughter!

Little Pink Pup Illustrations

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Little Pink Pup Cover © 2011 Heather Johnson
Little Pink Pup Illustrations © 2011 Heather Johnson

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