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    Making an Advent Wreath

    Making an Advent Wreath

    An Advent Wreath is a wreath that symbolizes the passage of the four weeks of Advent before Christmas. Because I did not already own an Advent Wreath, I decided to make one with my daughter this year. After a quick trip to Michaels to buy a wreath, some candles, and some decorations, I set to work with my daughter observing. First I decorated the wreath with four small glittery poinsettias. Then I glued pink and purple ribbon around four flameless candles to create the three purple and one pink Advent candles. I finally arranged the candles on the wreath. Voila! A simple but beautiful (and safer) Advent Wreath.

    Undecorated Wreath Decorated Wreath

    LED Flameless Candle Wrapping the Candles in Ribbon

    Three Purple and One Pink Candle Flameless Advent Candles

    Homemade Advent Wreath

    Image Credits

    Making an Advent Wreath © 2012 Heather Johnson
    Undecorated Wreath © 2012 Heather Johnson
    Decorated Wreath © 2012 Heather Johnson
    LED Flameless Candle © 2012 Heather Johnson
    Wrapping the Candles in Ribbon © 2012 Heather Johnson
    Three Purple and One Pink Candle © 2012 Heather Johnson
    Flameless Advent Candles © 2012 Heather Johnson
    Homemade Advent Wreath © 2012 Heather Johnson

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