Making the Switch to WaterWipes for My Babies

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Making the Switch to WaterWipes for My Babies

I have tried many different brands of wipes with my two children over the years. I received a couple different brands from my two baby showers for my oldest, and I subsequently purchased whatever brand was most convenient or cheapest. Some brands I liked better than others, but I definitely did not have a favorite. I most recently tried WaterWipes, which I first learned about while reading the reviews of some fellow mommy bloggers. I received the Value Pack, which contains four 60-count packs of WaterWipes for a total of 240 wipes for only $12.99 plus tax online.

WaterWipes Value Pack WaterWipes with Value Pack

Because I personally have sensitive skin, I have always chosen the gentlest products for use with my two children. A premier European brand, WaterWipes contain only two ingredients: 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. The thick baby wipes are also free of chemicals including fragrance. While I do not mind scented products on myself sometimes, I prefer to use unscented products on my kids. The allergy-friendly wipes are also hypoallergenic, making WaterWipes perfect for sensitive diaper areas as well as hands, mouths, breasts, and any other skin. I have used mine for diaper changes and cleaning up messy little hands and faces.

WaterWipes Package with Value Pack Pulling out a WaterWipes Wipe

In addition to the limited ingredients, I love that I can use one WaterWipe when changing my son rather than the two or three or even four that I sometimes need with cheaper brands. Providing a safer, natural option for my little one, WaterWipes are thick, plush, and durable. I love the mix of water and grapefruit seed extract, which helps me more easily clean up my son without scrubbing or needing to add extra water (which I sometimes need to do with other wipes). My husband agrees with my assessment. When he recently changed our son, I told him to use the new WaterWipes. He was thoroughly impressed. Without prompting, he told me that WaterWipes were even better than the other name brand wipes that I have purchased in the past. High praise indeed!

Toddler Holding WaterWipes Package

I shop at Walmart all the time. I also use ShippingPass for free unlimited shipping on over a million items. I am therefore super excited that Walmart now carries WaterWipes online and in some stores. I definitely recommend the brand of baby wipes to other parents and plan to buy more in the future for my kiddos. I love that I can save money by using only one limited-ingredient wipe per diaper change! The combination of purified water and grapefruit seed extract works wonders to get my son clean without any fuss or muss during diaper changes. The plush wipes are also perfect for wiping messy hands, faces, and more. I am super glad that I learned about WaterWipes and recently tried the brand.

WaterWipes Package During Diaper Change Using WaterWipes

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