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    Mamascent Review


    Back when she was just a few months old, I wrote that my daughter hated her bottle and all other feeding devices. Because I planned on returning to work at the beginning of April of that year, I was a little worried about how my husband would feed our daughter while I was away. I was also a little worried about my ability to pump enough breast milk for her. Because I knew that scent between mothers and babies was powerful, I ended up leaving a piece of my clothing for my daughter and bringing a piece of her clothing with me to work. I hoped that, by being able to smell each other, we would manage to cope with being apart.

    When Mamascent recently approached me about reviewing the Mamascent system, I enthusiastically agreed. The Mamascent system is incredibly simple yet incredibly ingenius. Mamascent is a simple attachment that connects to the nipple of a bottle. Mom wears the pad inside her bra to infuse the petals with her scent. The petals then attach to the Mamascent attachment, which places Mom’s scent right in front of Baby’s nose. Because Baby can smell Mom even when Mom is away, Baby feels calm and comforted. I wish that I had had the Mamascent system when I first went back to work when my daughter was almost four months old!

    Front of Mamascent Box Back of Mamascent Box
    Inside the Mamascent Box

    The Mamascent website offers a lot of great information on how and why the Mamascent system works. Citing research from peer-reviewed journals, the makers of Mamascent explain that physical contact involving the olfactory (scent/smell) system creates a unique and powerful bond between mother and baby. In particular, pheromones produced by the female breast convey a “chemical message” between mother and baby. “Nipple-search pheromones” are especially important in guiding Baby to the breast. By infusing the scent petals of the Mamascent breast pad with Mom’s unique smell, the Mamascent system can replicate the olfactory comfort of breastfeeding for the baby.

    Mamascent Clip System Mamascent Petal Pads
    Mamascent Clip and Scent Petal Clipping the Mamascent Petal to the Clip
    Using the Mamascent breast pads is incredibly easy. I simply tucked the pad in my bra in front of my regular nursing pad. The Mamascent pad absorbs my scent (and any leaking milk) without any extra effort on my part. Each pad comes with five petals, so a single pad can last an entire workday depending on how often Baby eats. The clip slides onto the end of most standard-sized bottle nipples, and a petal clips onto the clip. Clipping the petal onto the clip is super easy. The Mamascent system places the scent-infused petal right in front of Baby’s nose for maximum effectiveness.


    Although my daughter no longer drinks from a bottle while I am at work because she switched to a sippy cup at seven months old, I did have some of her old bottles still laying around my house. Although Mamascent works with most standard-sized nipples, I use the Tommee Tippee brand, which features a wide nipple that more closely resembles the female breast. The Mamascent clip does not fit over a wider nipple. If my daughter still used a bottle, I would have to buy a smaller brand. My suggestion to Mamascent is to offer two clip sizes, one for standard-sized nipples and one for wider nipples.

    Mamascent Clip on Oversized Bottle Nipple Using the Mamascent System
    Final Verdict: I wish that I had had the Mamascent system available to me when I first returned to work when my daughter was around four months old. Instead of my leaving a piece of my scent-infused clothing behind to comfort her, my husband could have had an easier time bottle feeding our daughter with the simple Mamascent attachment that easily brought my scent straight to her little nose. My only complaint about Mamascent is that the only clip currently available fits only a standard-sized bottle nipple. Otherwise, Mamascent is incredibly easy to use. I highly recommend trying the Mamascent system to any mother who must be away from her baby but who wants to continue a strong breastfeeding relationship.

    Mamascent is currently available through Amazon UK for £17.95 ($28.93). Mamascent will be available for purchase in the United States of America in January 2014. For more information about the Mamascent system, visit the Mamascent website or follow Mamascent on Facebook.

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    Mamascent Clip on Oversized Bottle Nipple © 2013 Heather Johnson
    Using the Mamascent System © Mamascent

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