Midwife Delivers Own Baby in Britain

Robin Lim Lotus BirthTwenty-eight-year-old Claire Clarke-Wood of Britain has plenty of experience delivering babies, but this week marked a first for the new mom when she went into labor three weeks early and delivered her own baby.

Clair had finished a thirteen-hour shift at a London hospital just a few hours earlier when she went into labor and did not have time to return back to work.

Using a makeup mirror for a clear view, the new mom laid down on her bathroom floor and guided the baby out on her own.

Speaking to the BBC Clarke-Wood said

“I got to the point where contractions were very close together and thought I’d check to see what stage I was at, and lo and behold the baby was coming. I never thought I’d be that far gone.”

She then claims she went on “autopilot” once realizing the baby was on the way.


When her husband arrived home, Clair said:

“I was clearing up towels and making cups of tea.”



Midwife delivers own baby using mirror:

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