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Monkey Cloth Diapers

Of all the animal print cloth diapers available, monkeys are one of my absolute favorites. I am still waiting for Best Bottom Diapers to release a monkey print shell. In the meanwhile, here are some of the monkey prints available from some of the major brands of cloth diapers.

Planet Wise Diapers

Planet Wise, the makers of some pretty awesome wet bags, also offers diaper covers with double leg gussets and inside flaps to hold the insert in place. The Monkey Fun cover is an adorable monkey diaper with brown, blue, aqua, and green monkeys on a white background and brown trim. I recently purchased my first Planet Wise cover and bought the Monkey Fun because of the absolute cuteness.

Planet Wise Monkey Fun Cloth Diaper Cover

Blueberry Diapers

Blueberry (previously Swaddlebees and Blueberry) offers a monkey print diaper called Monkeys for the Capri, Coveralls, Basix, Deluxe, Econappi, and Simplex lines. All the Blueberry brands come in a cream diaper with brown monkeys, yellow bananas, green leaves, and blue swirls. The monkey Capri and Coveralls also come with brown trim in addition to the monkey print. I personally really like my Capri cover, which comes with double leg gussets and front and back flaps that hold an insert firmly in place.

Swaddlebees Monkey Cloth Diaper Blueberry Coverall Monkey Cloth Diaper Cover

Kissaluvs Kutie Diapers

The Kissaluvs Kutie is a one-size diaper cover with double leg gussets. Available in a number of cute prints, Kissaluvs offers an adorable monkey Kutie diaper cover. The diaper is green with a brown monkey print, brown trim, and green and brown snaps.

Kissaluvs Kutie Monkey Diaper Cover

Happy Heinys Diapers

Silly Monkeys from Happy Heinys is a light blue diaper with a brown monkey print. I have owned one Happy Heinys pocket diaper that worked pretty well on my daughter overnight. Although I am not fond of the waist snaps on Happy Heinys, the diaper did work well for nighttime use. Silly Monkeys is a cute monkey print for fans of the Happy Heinys brand.

Happy Heinys Silly Monkeys Cloth Diaper

Alva Baby Monkey Diapers

For parents and caregivers on a tighter budget, Alva Baby offers a number of monkey-print diapers at incredibly low prices. All Alva Baby cloth diapers are pocket diapers. I personally own a few Alva Baby diapers that I like okay. I am not a huge fan of pockets and instead use the diapers as one-time use covers for my Best Bottom inserts. However, despite the inexpensive price, I have had fairly good success with my Alva Baby diapers. If you are on a budget but still want pocket diapers, then check out the Alva Baby brand.

As for monkey diapers, Alva Baby offers a couple different prints and colors. Blue Monkey is a blue diaper with a monkey print. The same print is also available with a white background. Pink Monkey is a pink diaper with a similar but slightly different monkey print. Alva Baby also offers two minky monkey diapers: camo with monkeys and pink with monkeys and white stars.

Alva Baby Blue Monkey Cloth Diaper Alva Baby Pink Monkey Cloth Diaper Alva Baby White Monkey Cloth Diaper

Alva Baby Camo Monkey Cloth Diaper Alva Baby Minky Pink Monkey Cloth Diaper

Sunbaby Monkey Diapers

Sunbaby diapers are another extremely affordable pocket diaper for families on a tight budget. I have a couple of Sunbaby diapers that I like okay. Like the Alva Baby pockets in my stash, however, I also use my Sunbaby diapers as one-time use covers for my Best Bottom inserts. Sun Pei releases new prints every so often, so the Sunbaby monkey prints may be difficult to find. However, However, Sunbaby has offered four adorable monkey diapers: brown monkeys with alphabet letters, red with multi-colored monkeys, white with pastel monkeys and other animals, brown monkeys with yellow bananas.

Sunbaby Brown Monkey Cloth Diaper Sunbaby Red Monkey Cloth Diaper Sunbaby White Monkey Cloth Diaper

Sunbaby Brown Monkey 2

What is your favorite monkey print diaper?

To purchase many of these monkey print diapers, please use my affiliate link to Nicki’s Diapers.


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