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    My Favorite Puppy Treats: A Very Punny Espentorial

    I love getting people food as a treat. My favorite people foods are fruits and vegetables. I love oranges, cucumbers, apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, and lettuce. I also love when my mommy and daddy speak in puns. Here are some of my favorite punny puppy treats:

    • Espen and the Mashed PuptatoesPupaya (papaya)
    • Pupapple (pineapple)
    • Pupcakes (pancakes)
    • Pup corn (pop corn)
    • Pupegranate (pomegranate)
    • Pupesan cheese (Parmesan cheese)
    • Pupkin (pumpkin)
    • Puppernickle bread (pumpernickel bread)
    • Pupperoni (pepperoni)
    • Puppers (peppers)
    • Puprika (paprika)
    • Pup roast (pot roast)
    • Puprogies (perogies)
    • Pupsi (Pepsi)
    • Pupsimmon (persimmon)
    • Pupstrami (pastrami)
    • Puptatoes (potatoes)

    Did my list of my favorite people foods tickle your punny bone? I sure hope so! Can you think of any other treats that I might like?

    Image Credits

    Espen and the Mashed Puptatoes © 2011 Heather Johnson

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